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I) A Short Definition of ZionismZion, or Sion, is the name of the southeast hill of Jerusalem. It was the name of a Jebusite fortress conquered by David, and was later to be known as the hill where the temple devoted to Jahve, or God, was situated. To many people, Zion is a symbol of the Jews last stronghold, and also a symbol of the place where God can dwell among his people.Zionists are people who have fought for the creation of a state for the Jews, and they still work for the expansion of it; a state that can act as a haven for Jews that are under persecution, or act as a place where any Jew can establish a new life, and contribute to the rebuilding of the Jewish state that existed during the days of the Old Testament. Zionists believe that this land is promised to them by God, and that they have, through the covenant they have made with God, a holy right of possessing this land. This land is what was known as Palestine, before the creation of Israel took place. The movement of Zionism was formed in the late 19th century, by Theodore Herzl. Even though the Zionists goal is reached, it continues to exist as a movement today, defending Israeli interests worldwide, playing its role as a powerful lobby organisation.II) The Rise of ZionismThe History of the JewsTo understand and discuss the matter of Zionism, it is necessary to have some background knowledge of the origins of the Jews. The Jews were originally a nomadic people, who roamed in the middle-east around two millennia before Christ. About 1700 B.C, they were taken as slaves by the Egyptians, where they were held for 450 years to work for the Pharaoh. According to the Bible, they were led out of Egypt by Moses. It's not certain whether or not Moses is a historical person, but that is of minor importance. Again, referring to the Bible, the Jews got a message from God, that they were to inhabit the land that was flooding with "milk and honey". This land was Palestine. Many other people were living there at the time, but the Jews drove them away, and settled there. They split the land in twelve, one part to each family. They built Jerusalem, which became the capital of Israel. The word "Israel" means something like "God fights" in Hebrew.They fought many wars with their neighbors, and were at last defeated by the Babylonians. The years following this incident are known as "the years of exile", or the Diaspora in Hebrew. It was in these years most of the Old Testament was written. The Jews later got to build up the state of Israel, by permission of the Babylonian king, but the Romans later colonized the land. The Jews became some kind of a minority after a while, since the ethnic groups of people that had lived there before the Jews took the country, returned back to their former home. Since then, and up to 1948, most of the Jews in the world lived in the "Diaspora". They moved into other European countries, and later also to the US.On many occasions, the Jews were persecuted and killed,...

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