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As the 12th century proverb says, Rome wasn’t built in a day, meaning all great things, good or bad, needed time and contributions to happen. Many factors contributed to the start of Hitler’s rule and eventual destruction, including the ironic ‘war to end all wars’. World War 1, was a great contributor in the rise of Hitler’s power in part that Hitler was a soldier in it. WW1 had just begun and Hitler was drafted to fight. He was always eager to fight and volunteer for dangerous missions, while never complaining about the harsh conditions or asking for leave. Although many people saw him as a brave man he was also seen as odd, and because of this he was ironically not promoted to be a ...view middle of the document...

In The History Place - Rise of Hitler: Hitler in World War I, they give a translated excerpt of Hitler's book Mein Kampf, in which he gave his experience as he lay in a bed healing, "There followed terrible days and even worse nights – I knew that all was these nights hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed.” He obviously was talking about how he blamed Jews for much of this misfortune, and this hatred had manifested enough to become a great factor in the start of his rule and destruction.
Along with Hitler's own issues and beliefs, other countries had a large factor in the start of Hitler's rule. Although it was indirect, one of the large reasons Hitler came into power was because of the Treaty of Versailles. It was the end of World War 1 and destruction and poverty lingered around every corner. It was 1919 and each country had it's own view on the war that they wanted to officially end. As says on Why Was the Treaty of Versailles so Significant? - Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, they gave several views on the countries when deciding what would happen to Germany. For instance, George Clemenceau who was the prime minister of France, wanted to 'make Germany pay' for the destruction and damage it had done to the land of France, and the pain the French went through. He wanted to punish Germany so harshly that they would never start a war again. This plan had obviously backfired when the restraints that France wanted to put on Germany just made the whole situation of Hitler going to power inevitable. The United States also had a role in the rise of Hitler. Although...

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