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The History Of The Ford Motor Company

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I am going to take you on a journey through time to start us off on July 30, 1863 in Dearborn Michigan.That is the date of the birth of one of the most well known men of all time, Henry Ford.When Henry was sixteen he walked to detroit and apprenticed himself to amechanic for two dollars and fifty cents a week but his boarding cost three so heworked nights for a watchmaker to make ends meet. Later in 1884 Henry took ofa little farm his father gave him. He got married and seemed settled down butafter two years Henry moved back to Detroit and worked as a night engineer forthe Detroit Edison Company.In 1899 Ford helped organize the Detroit Automobile Company. Fordwanted to build cars that didn't cost a lot so many people could afford them butFord's partner's disagreed so Ford sold out and moved on. In 1903 Forddeveloped the Ford Motor Company with only twenty eight thousand dollars. Thatmoney came from eleven stockholders. Ford converted a small Detroit WagonFactory into an automotive plant and was staffed with ten people.The first car Ford produced was the model A. Ford sold seventeen hundredmodel A's in the first fifteen months of production. Beetween 1903 and 1908 Fordand his engineers used the first nineteen letters of the alphabet to name theirmasterpieces but some were experimental and never made the line. In 1908 Fordcreated the Model T, the car was a drastic improvement over all the previous carsand became an instant success. By 1927 Ford had sold more than fifteen millionmodel T's.On May 31, 1927 All Ford plant's shut down to retool and improve upon thefifteen year old design of the model T. The result was the second Model A, it wasa vastly improved car in all respects. It came in many body styles and a widevariety of colors. Beetween late 1927 and 1931 more than four million fivehundred model A's rolled off the assembly line. But even the model A had to havean end and it came in 1931 when consumers demanded more luxury and morepower out of their vehicles. This demand gave birth to the legendary Ford V-8.The public saw the engine for the first time on April 1, 1932. Ford was the firstcompany in history to cast an eight cylinder engine in one engine block.In 1938 Ford produced the Mercury which had the V-8 that was now eightyears old. The Mercury was Ford's entry into the growing medium price range.Sadly in 1942 all production on civilian driven cars came to a screeching halt.Iniated by Edsel Ford the company converted to wartime and produced 8,600 four-engined B-24 'liberator' bombers, 57,000 aircraft engines, over 250,000 jeeps,tanks, tank destroyers, and other pieces of war machinery and all under threeyears. Edsel Ford died in 1943 when his war program was at it's peak. HenryFord took over as president again until, Henry Ford II, Ford's oldest grandson couldtake over on September 21, 1945.In 1954 the Thunderbird, an American classic, joined the Ford team. The1955 model was a two seater sports car. The Thunderbird's introduction...

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