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The History And The Facts About Obesity

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From the eye of overall public health Obesity has become a growing concern of health policy makers. As the United States attempts to contain health care costs from going higher it has to start to place polices around diseases and how to control and limit them. Obesity in the United States has been on the rise and that has a direct impact on the cost of health care. As the health market place is changing and attempting to make a general public healthier issues like obesity have come more into perspective. Obese patients equate for around 10 percent of the total health care cost for a year or if it looks better in dollars around 147 billion dollars in annual health care costs. (Finkelstein EA, Trogdon JG, Cohen JW, Dietz W., 2009) Either in percentages or dollars those numbers both look large to me. The ability to use legislation and policy making in the direction of general public health is key. The main ways in creating health policy should be in general encouragement of exercise and limiting the amount of unhealthy foods.

New public health polices that could effect change in those areas will greatly aid in reducing the rise in total health costs. In a country that has very high health care costs, lower obesity rates will help lower the rate in which the United States health care costs are raising. It will also help tame the rate in which health care premiums are rising, in turn saving money for the public and the government. It will save some for the government because of the lower need for obese people on Medicare and Medicaid to be hospitalized and the quantity of doctor’s visits will be less.

The history and the facts about the commonality of obesity and the increased health care costs associated with the growing epidemic are clear and justified. To begin, between 1980–2008, obesity prevalence among U.S. adults doubled (Flegal KM, Carroll MD, Ogden CL, Johnson CL. , 2002), (Ogden CL C. M., 2006; National Center for Health Statistics, 2010) , and recent data indicate an estimated 34% of adults are obese. (National Center for Health Statistics, 2010) Just to strengthen the need for health care policies in the area of obesity and nutrition. Costs of overweight and obesity could have been as high as $78.5 Billion in 1998 and that roughly half of the total was financed by Medicare and Medicaid. Our overall estimates show that the annual medical burden of obesity has risen to almost 10 percent of all medical spending and could amount to $147 Billion per year in 2008. (Finkelstein EA, Trogdon JG, Cohen JW, Dietz W., 2009) That is 1 tenth of the total cost of health care for a year is a large percentage. This proves that the topic of obesity should get a lot of attention from policy makers. According to a NCHS data brief that was conducted in January 2012 “More than 35% of U.S. men and women were obese in 2009-2010. There was no significant difference in prevalence between men and women at any age. Overall, adults aged 60 and...

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