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The History, Use, Impacts, And Moral Challenges Of Bio Fuel Technology On Brazil And Its People

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The History, Use, Impacts, and Moral Challenges of Bio-Fuel Technology on Brazil and Its People

As the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, it should come as no surprise that Brazil is a leader in Bio-Fuel Technology. This paper seeks to uncover the major impacts that this technology has on the country of Brazil and its people.

A Brief Overview of Brazil
Colonized in 1500 by Pedro Alvares Cabral of Portugal, Brazil has suffered much turmoil in its quest to become an independent nation. It was not until September 7, 1822 that independence from Portugal would be granted, when Dom Pedro I became the first emperor of Brazil. After Brazil’s constitution was enacted on October 5, 1988, political unrest reigned. A year later, a military coup finally ended the strife and established the federative republic that symbolizes Brazil’s government. (State, 2008)
Through a series of military coups, it seems that Brazil has finally found a political system that works for them. “Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the left-wing Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) was elected president in 2002 and re-elected for a second four-year term in October 2006.” (Economist, 2008) Similar to the government structure of the United States, President Lula represents the Executive branch. The Legislative and Judicial branches make up the remainder of the government and are composed of a Chamber of Deputies and senate (Legislative) and Supreme Federal Tribunal (Judicial). The senate is composed of representatives from Brazil’s twenty-six states. (State, 2008)
At one time the vast majority of Brazil’s resources and technologies were government-owned. In recent years, privatization has become a way for the government to boost the economy and also provide some much needed changes to the country’s infrastructure. Over 64% of Brazil’s $1,269 trillion GDP comes from the Service sector, 30.8% from Industry, and the remaining 5.1% from Agriculture. (State, 2008) “Nonetheless, Brazil’s potential GDP remains constrained by still high public borrowing needs, years of public underinvestment in infrastructure, persistently high real interest rates and a burdensome tax regime.” (Economist, 2008)
Brazil is also faced with the reality that of its 192 million people, many live in poverty and depend on government aid to survive. As a means of alleviating some of the burden on public workers, the Instituto Nacional de Segridade Social, Brazil’s social security system, was reformed in 2003; however it has become somewhat of a burden as increased use of the program has in turn increased the deficit. In order to offset the deficit, the government has turned to privatization of many functions, including transportation, communications, and bank financing. Exporting goods has also been a source of income for the country, but “Brazil will register its first current-account deficit in five years in 2008 as a result of a surging import bill” (Economist,...

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