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The Hitler Youth was a coherent expansion of Hitler's belief that the future of Nazi Germany was its youth. The Hitler Youth or Hitler-Jugend (HJ) in Germany, was originally founded in 1926 as a male youth movement of the NSDAP, but eventuated into a mandatory society for all Aryan Germans with a parallel girl's organisation the Deutscher Maadek (BMD). The HJ encouraged national pride, but most importantly militarism and reverence to the Fuhrer, demonstrated through its organisation, leadership, principles and role within Nazi Germany.The Hitler Youth was organised by Adolf Hitler in 1933 for educating and training male youth in Nazi principles. Hitler stresses the absolute need for the HJ in Mien Kampf 1"military training is excluded among us today...The present State, which does not interest itself in developing healthy men, has criminally neglected this duty. Therefore what I have suggested is all the more necessary in our time... keeping hold of the reins and continuing physical training." On the 1st July 1936 all young Aryan Germans were required to join, as the group became a state agency.At age ten each boy was registered and investigated for racial purity, and if qualified, included into the Deuctsches Jungvolk 'German young people'; at 13 he was eligible to join the HJ to eventually graduate at 18. From the beginning a Hitler Youth lived a primitive life based on Nazi compliance to become a member of the Nazi Party and serve in the state labour service and the armed forces until the age of 21.The group was organised into local cells which incorporated weekly meetings where various militaristic Nazi doctrines were taught by HJ leaders. Their task was to prepare for military service to fight for their national cause, which is suggested in The source titled 'The Oath to Adolf Hitler' a speech proposed by Rudolf Hess on 25th February 1934 broadcast throughout all of Germany, later published in 'Munich: Zentraverlag der NSDAP', 1938. It states 2 "the battle-ready manly heroes...are holy examples of loyalty for us Germans". The purpose of Hess' speech is to unite leaders to swear an oath to Hitler of loyalty and obedience. Hitler states 3"the weak must be chiselled away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain." What Hitler wanted from his youth was an unbeatable army.The leadership of Baldur Von Schirach, who was appointed Reich Youth Leader in 1933 under the direct control of Hitler, saw major changes transpire. Schirach was an anti-Semite and opponent of Christianity and had set up special youth leadership schools, training academies comparable to preparatory schools which were considered production grounds for potential Nazi Party leaders; only the most dutiful HJ members could attend.By the 1st December 1936 Hitler decreed 'The Law concerning the Hitler Youth'.Hitler Youth leaders gave rule to the HJ and were able to forward4 "a limited amount of cruelty of the older boys towards the younger was tolerated and even encouraged, since...

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