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The Hobbit Summary Essay

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“The Hobbit” is a novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien. In the novel, there are many themes presented to the reader through different characters, situations, and their morals and ideas. The themes vary in importance throughout the story, but all are given to help explain or push the story onward. Most of the larger themes are centered around the species and races of characters, as well as showing the characters act the way they do, as well as focusing on the main character of the story, Bilbo Baggins. Smaller themes are also given in the story which help and support the larger ones. For example, two of the largest themes would be the theme of race and lineage deciding your morals and ...view middle of the document...

His mother, Took, was a courageous and an adventurous hobbit while his father, Baggins, was a very normal hobbit who was quiet and kept to himself. A second example was Thorin’s decision to get the gemstone from the mountain because it was his birthright which was passed from his grandfather to his father to him. Another was Bard’s heroism since he was descended from a line of lords from Dale.

A second theme with in “The Hobbit” was the theme of an unexpected, normal character rising up to become a hero. Bilbo is timid and comfortable with living in his hole without any sort of adventure, or unexpected things happening to him. When Gandalf first came to him, he was so afraid of the prospect of being a burglar for the dwarves that he fainted. However, later in the story, Bilbo became brave and began to show that Gandalf’s initial thoughts about him were correct: there was much more to the hobbit than anyone originally expected. Bilbo’s courage is something he often doesn’t understand since he’s so used to living quietly and calmly. He continues to build confidence throughout the story and does many things to prove his bravery. Confronting trolls, taking Gollum’s ring, slaying a spider, saving the dwarves, and speaking to the dragon, Smaug, were just a few examples of Bilbo’s bravery.

The first...

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