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The Hobbit & The Light In The Forest

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In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins was nothing but ordinary. In Conrad Ritcher's The Light in the Forest, True Son was everything but ordinary. Both of these characters are on a journey to return to their home. The Hobbit is set in Middle Earth between 2941-2942 B.C. Bilbo lived in the Shire and had never done anything unordinary. But all that changed on the day Gandalf came by and asked Bilbo if he wanted to travel to Middle Earth with him to regain a treasure stolen by Smaug, and evil dragon. Bilbo accepted Gandalf's proposal and was on his way. In The Light in the Forest True Son, real name John Butler discovered that he was forced to be returned to his original white family in Pennsylvania. The fifteen year old boy was adopted eleven years ago by a courageous Indian father named Cuyloga, who was in the Tuscarawas tribe. Determined to return to his Indian tribe, True Son learned to adapt to his white family. Bilbo Baggins and True Son, the two protagonists lead very different lives from each other, but are similar in many ways.Bilbo Baggins was very clam and collected. He didn't do anything that caused any danger or mishap. But of course, all that changed when he went on his journey with Gandalf. However, there is another side to Bilbo; he has a very courageous side. This is shown when he saved the dwarves he was traveling with from spiders. Throughout his journey, Bilbo grew into a brave and clever hobbit. He tricked creatures like trolls and even Gollum. True Son a strong-willed, and rebellious fellow, had to learn to be less stubborn. True Son thought very poorly of the whites, until he learned that the Indians weren't that much better than them. He witnessed his tribe burning down the white people's houses and also scalping them. He realized that both cultures were extremely different, but did the same amount of destruction to each other. True Son had to decide which family to stay with. He realized the only way he was going to make that decision was if he put his stubborn attitude aside. He longed to be a warrior like Cuyloga, but also...

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