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Sweltering heats fill the room, a hot sticky breeze drifts by my face. Broom Broom Broom its the posties bike coming to a halt beside our old white mailbox. He adds a few letters in the mailbox and speeds off to the next house. Racing outside in anticipation, my heart suddenly sinks discovering its only a Telstra bill. I hate when the phone bill arrives, mum always gives me a big lecture about all my calls. I knew there was going to be trouble, remembering about all my international calls to my penfriend Sofie in Sweden.Anyway the reason for all this excitement is that a letter from Sofie should be arriving soon, we have been saving for an international holiday together for years. Finally we have a nice sum of money in the bank and our trip looks like it is actually going to happen, So far we have both agreed on visiting the USA. Me and Sofie have been penfriends for years and years and openly write to each other on a regular basis, Sofie is 17 years old. It is the first week of the school holidays and being rather bored at home I decide to go to a friends house.Arriving home 6.30, Mum was still yelling about the phone bill, wearily entering the door waiting for the impact. '$170 dollars worth of international calls' Mum bellowed at me. I will pay for them out of my trip money I reapplied in a disappointed tone. 'Trip, trip when is this stupid TRIP going to be over with' Mum yelled at me, Soon very soon I reapplied convincingly.A week went past each day I eagerly checked the mailbox, only to discover bills and letter from companies trying to sell us a continuous stream of junk. At this moment the realisation of how much garbage companies actually send out finally came to me. For example this week companies have sent mail to me and my family trying to sell us: raffle tickets, cladding, software and exercise equipment. What I would like to know is where they got our address from, and how they got the idea that we would even contemplate buying there trash.Midway into the following week the familiar sound of the posties bike was once again heard, this time he revealed the letter I have been desperately waiting for. I quickly ran outside, stumbling down the stairs on the way. The air mail envelope had two Swedish stamps on it and my name and address written in Sofie's familiar hand writing. I opened the letter and begin to read it:Dear Tim,Hi how is everything in Australia? It is freezing in Sweden at the moment and has been continuously snowing for weeks. Guess What! I have good news for you, I just won $500 in a writing competition. Now I have $8275 dollars in the bank, our holiday is finally going to happen. Can you ring me as soon as you get this letter and tell me if you are aloud to go. If yes we will book everything plan a budget and I will fly over to Australia. Then we will catch the plane to the U.S.A from there.Looking forward to hearing from you soonSofie NinovI ran straight for the phone...

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