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The Holocaust Essay

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In the dictionary the word holocaust is defined as a destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war. For many years the holocaust always took second fiddle of significance due to World War II. That’s still and should never be an excuse about what happen to over 9 million people from 1939-1945.
The holocaust defiantly left an enormous scar on the world for many years to come, but for us to get a better understanding of what really happen during the holocaust. We must first examine the events that foreshadowed it.
After the events of the World War I (1914-1918) Europe was badly destroyed and was in desperate need to rebuild what remained. The war had also ...view middle of the document...

Japanese representatives issued visas for Jews to settle in Shanghai, China, with the assistance from the japan over 24,000 Jewish refugees were unable escape from Nazi ruled Germany from (1938-1941) to countries that would allow them to settle there.
1933 was also the year Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Hitler who had pure hatred for the Jews and blamed them for all of Germany problems, and he also blamed them for Germany loss in World War I. The new Chancellor almost immediately declared a Nazi state or third Reich in Germany. With Hitler’s new power he quickly dismantled Germany parliamentary democracy, which was established after World War I.
Hitler then, began to open up concentration/ forced labor camps, were he imprisoned Jews as well as other people who wasn’t of Aryan bloodline Germany. Hitler also began taking the Jews civil liberties violating their human rights in the process. Hitler in all issued over 400 regulations and rules that the Jewish were forced to follow. One of the more commonly known regulations was that all Jews were required to wear the Star of David on the sleeves of their clothes so they could be identified as a Jew. If any Jew didn’t abide by the regulations they would be sentenced to death.
Life as a Jew

With all the new regulations living in Germany became very unpleasant. Jews couldn’t be outside after dark, they couldn’t attend sporting events, they couldn’t marry non-Jews, and if they became ill they could only be examined by Jewish doctors. There homes and business were looted then burned to the ground. Families were split apart and never seen again. Some Jews were forced to live in isolated areas known as ghettos controlled by the Germans.
The Nazis made sure the living conditions inside the ghettos were extremely unpleasant. They were small, filthy, and a lot of the times the Jews had little or no food at all, leading to a number of Jews starving to death. Hitler also made sure that all Jews living in the ghettos had no chance of escape. There were armed German soldiers patrolling the walls at all times to prevent anyone from escaping the ghettos.
A large number of the Jews in the ghetto contracted diseases and with the large populations cramped in small areas that were only 2.5 square miles big the disease was able to spread at an alarming rate. A year after the ghettos were created there was a large typhus outbreak killing a number of Jews in the ghettos. When the physical and emotional pain became too much the Jews would kill themselves to put an end to their harsh life inside the ghettos.
The life in Germany for the Jews was a never ending nightmare to majority off the Jews. But some of the Jews were able to keep their emotions in check and fight through the oppression. The Jews tried desperately to hang on to the little bit of dignity they hadn’t been taken from them already. The Jews that remained went to work to bring back some of normal aspects of their life back. In secret...

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