The Holocaust: As Depicted Through The Movie Schindler's List. How Schindler Risked His Own Life, How Was A Hero, And How He Protected The Lives Of The Innocent

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Brutalized! Tormented! Antagonized! Manipulated! These, four intensely vindictive words, paint a most precise portrait of the treatment of the Jews involved in the Holocaust, a joyless and dreadful massacre. When the true meaning of the word Holocaust is expressed, chills run down the backs of young children and remorse occupies the hearts of numerous families. While at the same time, for these families to endure the agony of learning about an attempt to slaughter an entire "race" of people, positively puts them in an even bitter predicament. However, some light can luckily be shed upon this deplorable catastrophe when the name "Oscar Schindler " is spoken. He was the sole individual to rise up against the German chauvinistic adversaries of the Nazi party and aid as many Jews as humanly possible to their liberation. This "Oscar Schindler" - this man, could deserve no other title than hero for he had the bravery to do what needed to be done. Furthermore, he is a hero for three main reasons. Schindler risked his own life to save the life of another, he had the compassion, attitude, and integrity that a hero should have, and most importantly, he protected the lives of those who unfortunately were forbade from protecting themselves.Oscar Schindler risked his own life to save the life of another, and another, and yet, another Jew. Why did this man tangle with the chance of being killed? Schindler repetitiously placed his own life on the line to simply save others from their own death. By resisting Nazi propaganda and security parameters set up to control and annihilate the Jews, Oscar outwitted a number of people. Similarly, he used bribes in the shape of money and illegal black market goods, which flowed directly, yet secretly from him, to render him control of a Jewish owned enameled-goods factory. There he employed Jewish workers from which he bought from the Germans - Jewish workers who's lives he saved. These were all actions that were against the law and an easy way of being murdered. Schindler also betrayed the Nazi party in which he was an active member; consequently, having to flee the country. Thus, it is evident that Oscar Schindler is a hero. He had no reason to save over 1,100 people; he was not benefited by helping them; and his life was certainly not made any easier. Oscar risked his life because he felt it was the right thing to do because it was his duty. He risked his life because of his character and his mentality.Oscar Schindler clearly had the compassion, attitude, and integrity of a hero. As the brutality of the Nazis accelerated with murder, violence, and terror, the foundation for their plan of extermination or genocide became evident to Schindler. Thus, he had to take it upon himself to chance everything to do what he morally felt was right. Oscar risked everything including his money, his business, and his way of life to save over 1,100 "Schindler Jews" from certain death in the hell of the death camps. Thanks to massive...

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664 words - 3 pages Germany should never be forgotten.In general, the movie was very convincing with many graphic images and extreme violence towards Jews. Schindler, a womanizer, and a great opportunist saw the profiteering in the years, and ended up saving many Jewish lives. Schindler saw the persecution towards the Jews and his heart dissolved for them. He brought them to Czechoslovakia, where they worked until the war was over. Goeth, who took many innocent Jewish lives, was hanged to death. In conclusion, the movie taught us a lesson that should never be forgotten: the tormenting of Jews during WWII was a phenomenon of the Nazi perspectives that must never happen again.

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