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The Holocaust: Heinrich Himmler Essay

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The HolocaustHeinrich HimmlerThe Holocaust is generally regarded as the slaughter of not only six million Jews, but also five million others. There were approximately eleven million individuals killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. It was not just eleven million deaths, but eleven million people whose lives were ended due to racism and hate, all in a period of twelve years. There are many people who were involved in the holocaust. Some were against the holocaust and tried to help the Jews; but even more people were for it. One man who made a big impact on the holocaust, and not for the better, was Heinrich Himmler.In 1923, Himmler took part in Adolf Hitler's "beer-hall putsch". The Nazis had felt the time was right to strike. Hitler and the Nazis devised a plan. They would kidnap the leaders of the Bavarian government and force them to accept Hitler as their leader. They learned there would be a large gathering of businessmen in a Munich beer hall and the guests of honour were to be the Bavarian leaders they wanted to kidnap. They put their plan into action and surrounded the place. They went in and forced the leaders into a separate room until they agreed to follow Hitler. Hitler got news that their attempts to take over military barracks had failed and German soldiers inside the barracks were holding out against Hitler's storm troopers. Hitler decided to go personally to fix this problem. While he was gone the Nazi revolution began to unravel and by the time Hitler returned, unsuccessful, he found everything had fallen apart and their plan had failed.Heinrich Himmler was and still is a man often seen as the very personification of evil. He was not only head of Hitler's SS police but was also in charge of the death camps in the East. The accounts of Himmler's life and his immense impact in the rise and fall of the Nazi state make a terrible and horrifying story. His life is a great inquiry into the nature of evil in the human character. It is true that Adolf Hitler held the greatest responsibility for the gruesome and abysmal events of the holocaust, although it was Heinrich Himmler who basically laid the plans and devised the schemes that led to the killings of six million Jews.Himmler joined the Nazi party in 1925, and in 1929 he was appointed as leader of the SS, an elite guard of Hitler that was under the control at the point by the SA storm troopers. When Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, Himmler became the head of the Munich police. He went on climbing higher in the ranks. He became the assistant chief of the Prussian Gestapo, the "Secret police." In 1934 he defeated the para military SA, which made the SS the foremost organization in Germany. In1936 he got full control of the SS and constructed it into an armed force. In 1943 he then became interior minister.On October 4, 1943, Heinrich Himmler gave a speech to a secret meeting of SS officers in Poland. In this speech, he spoke plainly about the ongoing extermination of the...

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