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The Holocaust In Denmark Essay

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The Holocaust in Denmark: A review of the BBC Documentary: “Auschwitz: The Nazis and the’ Final Solution’

On the background of the Second World War, the Holocaust or the ethnic cleansing of the Jews happened, as a result of the Nazi policies of repression. The Holocaust is one the most traumatic historical events for humanity, and it shows us what humankind is possible of doing regarding the other people of a certain ethnicity.
The historical documentary realized by BBC-“Auschwitz: The Nazis and the ‘Final Solution’’’ provides us with a remarkable source of information regarding the outcomes of the Nazi regime, focusing on the policies of repression held on the Jews, Soviets, Polish and Gypsies. This documentary is a historical lesson which illustrates how the decisions on the Jews’ faith were taken by the Nazis leaders and the manners in which they were applied. The concentration camps such as Auschwitz 1,2,3, Treblinka, the ghettos and other concentration camps whose existence was covered up by the Nazis without success; are presented within this documentary, along with the atrocities endured by the Jews.
In this manner, this documentary, illustrates not only the perspective inside the Nazi state, their desire to “purify the world” by exterminating all the Jews, but also it reveals us how the Jews managed to accept or not their faith decided by the Nazis forces. It is a documentary which covers all the perspectives of the parts involved in the Holocaust, allowing us to analyze how this terrible event had taken place; by presenting the situation from its very roots.
Among the 6 episodes of the “ Auschwitz: The Nazis and the ‘Final Solution’” documentary, which reveals the orders and initiatives of constructing Factories of Death, and the way in which these were conducting, the killings and Jewish suffer, the corruption of the SS members and the liberation and revenge; I consider that the 4th episode, namely “Frenzied Killings”, brings an important aspect in the history of the Final Solution, as it shows that not all the occupied countries in Europe gave their consent of deporting the Jews from their country, Denmark being the unique case where the Holocaust did not happen.
From my perspective, the fact that in Denmark the situation concerning the Jews was very different from the others occupied European countries, such as the Nazi Ally- Italy who refused to deport their Jews, or Bulgaria where there started protests during 1943, about the proposals to deport Bulgarian Jew, is surprising. Although, Denmark was occupied in 1940, by the Germans it was only in August 1943, after the Danish resistance increased, that they imposed military rules. It represented the moment when the German brutality was practiced in the open, and the Danish Jews were highly at risk, according to the BBC historical documentary.
An important step, regarding the faith of the Danish Jews,...

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