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The Holocaust Memorial Museum In Washington D.C.

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The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.
The Holocaust Memorial Museum was built to honor those who were directly affected by the Holocaust. “Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God himself. Never” Elie Wiesel (“Holocaust Encyclopedia”). While some believe the building of the museum was a political act for President Carter, others were very optimistic of the outcome. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was a marvelous achievement for this country and those who dedicated their time and effort to this wonderful building. This museum not only has an interesting history and opening, but exhibits inside are nothing in comparison to the statistics of this grand foundation.
In an effort to ensure this memorial museum was meaningful, Mr. James Ingo Freed was chosen. Not only was he educated in this field, but was a survivor with his own personal experiences during this horrific time period. Freed was born in Essen, Germany in 1930. At the age of eight, James and his younger sister were removed from their home and sent to Chicago where they were later joined by their parents. James studied architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and received his bachelor’s degree in 1953. In later years, Mr. Freed taught at major institutions such as Cooper Union, Cornell University, Rhode Island School of Design, Columbia University, and Yale University. He was also the Dean of the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology (“Holocaust Encyclopedia”). One’s work ethic can be greatly influenced due to their emotional state of mind on certain topics; therefore, James was an excellent candidate that had personal ties to this museum and what it would mean to not only him but other family members of people who were affected by the Holocaust. President Jimmy Carter was aware of the effects the Holocaust had on not only the Jewish community, but the American people as well. On November 1, 1978 President Jimmy Carter established the President’s Commission on the Holocaust. This commission was designed to create a memorial for those who perished in the Holocaust, and to find ways that our nation could appropriately commemorate Days of Remembrance each year for the victims and their families (“Holocaust Encyclopedia”). The commission’s council realized that this would not be possible without the help of the American people.
To continue, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a very unique and inspiring commemoratory that emphasizes the importance of this bloodcurdling event. Adjacent to the National Mall, 1.9 acres of land were made available by the federal government. The entire two-hundred million dollar expense of the museum was paid in full by private donations. To symbolize the museum’s history and mission two milk cans containing soil and ashes from multiple concentration camps, and killing centers were buried on site during the...

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