The Holocaust Of World War Ii

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During World War II, one of the greatest horrors of war was happening. The mass genocide of not only the Jewish people but also Russian prisoners of war, Gypsies, Polish and Ukrainian people (Wistrich, 2003, Pg. 3-4, a). The horror also included the German people themselves. Ones that were handicapped, mentally ill, homosexuals, some religious people, members of labor unions, and political rivals where all part of the Holocaust (Berenbaum, 2011, a). On March twentieth nineteen hundred and thirty-three Hitler opened up the first concentration camp near Dachau Germany (Landau, 1998, Pg. 136, a). From there the German government began sending people to concentration camps to work and to die. Whom they sent, why they sent them, and what happened there is what will be looked at so we know what the Holocaust was about. The answer we are looking for is what the people of Germany knew about what was going on during the Holocaust and more was not done to stop it.
First, we will look at the German government that was behind the Holocaust. On the thirtieth of January nineteen hundred and thirty-three Adolf Hitler was named the German Chancellor (Henig, 1985, Pg. 3, a). Hitler controlled the government and the people in the government did as he wished. Hitler believed in the purity of the Aryan race and though of other as inferior especially the Jewish people (Henig, 1985, Pg. 12, b). Hitler wanted to protect his people from all that he considers impure, he forbid marriage and sexual relationships with Jewish people, he also said the only those of Aryan blood could be a German citizens with full rights (Henig, 1985, Pg. 14, c). Even before Hitler became the leader of Germany, he was spouting his hatred for the Jewish people (Herf, 2006, Pg. 1, a). After he became Chancellor, he preached that the Jewish people were the fault of all of Germany and the world’s troubles and he wanted to remove them from the country and he did send about sixty thousand to Palestine (Herf, 2006, Pg. 2-4, b). In fact, there was even a board game for children made called “Juden Raus”, in it the children had to gather all the Jews together and move them to Palestine (Leibel, 2009). Then on January thirtieth nineteen hundred and thirty-nine Hitler made his first of six public speeches that called for the extermination of the Jewish people not their deportation (Herf, 2006, Pg. 5, c). Hitler and his people said that they were going to kill the Jews before the Jews could kill the Germans (Herf, 2006, Pg. 7, d). It was not only the Jews that Hitler wanted to eliminate, he sent his own people, prisoners of war, and anyone that got in his way or did not believe in his way to their deaths (Berenbaum, 2011, b).
Before Hitler announced the extermination of the Jewish people, he had made their lives as severe and cruel as possible. From nineteen hundred and thirty-three until nineteen hundred and forty-three Hitler passed laws to confine, separate, downgrade, and control...

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