The Holocaust: The Devils Arithmetic Essay

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Beautifully tragic, have you ever thought about what exactly happened during the Holocaust times. Well this review will walk you through how it was like to be taken from your home and watch it burn as you drive away, this will tell you how people who were Jews were treated just because they had a different religion. This will show the tragedies that happened leaving millions dead like they just vanished off the face of the earth.
Hannah the main character, Hannah starts off at a dinner with her family which she thinks is very boring where Hannah who thinks she drank too much wine believing that she is daydreaming. Whilst in her mind as she was "daydreaming" Hannah had came into the kitchen to new surroundings very confused she was greeted by a girl named Eva who had greeted her by the name of Chaya. (Chaya meaning life). Hannah soon hears from Eva that it is the year 1942 and that both her parents were very ill and passed away being left for her Aunt Gitl and Uncle Shmuel to take care of her. Hannah learns that she is no longer in her home town. Hannah with Eva go to a wedding with all the family where half way through the wedding nazis come. It all makes sense to Hannah now because the nazis come and take them to a concentration camp which for some reason Hannah knew what was about to happen once the nazis got closer. The nazis came closer soon stopping right in front of them they get out of their trucks as they start pushing them all into the back of the trucks separating them. As Hannah drives off with Eva and everyone else in the trucks with bars for windows and the rest closed in left while watching helplessly as their houses and belongings burn to the ground never to be seen again.
What goes on in the concentration camps is never meant to leave. As all the family and friends arrive they are pulled forcefully out of the trucks and ordered to walk quickly whilst being shoved and pushed by the nazis guards. The leader of the nazis then announces this is where they will be staying they will be working for him and if they shall not listen they will be punished. Hannah's mind all over the place now knowing she has lived through this before she knows she had to and tries to wake up. Next thing Hannah knows is that men and woman were being separated from each other and everyone were getting their hair shaved off. Then shoved into a little cabin they were ordered to undress and go outside where they a evaluated by how well the nazis guards think they can work. Then dressed in the same cloths as everyone else they go to where they will be staying. Now all family and friends are separated. Hannah walks through the cabin where they are staying already seeing that all the beds are taken with multiple people in them. One person calls over Hannah, Eva and Rivka a girl the age of ten who can't find her mother so stays with Hannah. All squish into the bunk beds and try to fall asleep.
What happens once all...

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