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The Homeless Essay

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They are not uneducated, “just lazy”, or con artists they are simply the group of Americans who have been hit the hardest by this recession we are trying so desperately to get out of, the homeless. Homelessness is one of the most prevalent problems in America today. There are homeless people of every gender, race, and age. In 2011, an estimated 643,067 people where homeless. The idea of anyone having no place to call their own is depressing, but in such a large quantity, it’s simply ludicrous.
The main reasons for homelessness can be but is not limited to: Unavailability of employment opportunities, Poverty, Lack of accessible healthcare, (People who have some chronic and weakening diseases ...view middle of the document...

There are many places a homeless person may seek refuge, they include: On the ground in a sleeping bag, tent, or improvised shelter, a large cardboard box, dumpster, in a park or vacant lot, a Tent cities Shantytowns, abandoned or condemned buildings, an unoccupied house where a homeless person may live without payment and without the owner's knowledge or permission, Vehicles, Public places, Homeless shelters, Inexpensive boarding houses, Residential hotels, Inexpensive motels, 24-hour Internet cafes, Friends or family, and Underground tunnels.
There are some resources available to help homeless people. In most countries churches, charities, individual donors and the government assist the homeless by providing food, shelter, and clothing. Some cities have street newspapers, which is a way for homeless people to make a few bucks. Although some homeless people have paying jobs, most of them have to resort to begging and panhandling. In some cities there are centers for busking, which is when someone performs a...

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