The Honest Odysseus Essay

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Honesty is the structural beam for a good reputation and for trust. To be trusted you need honesty, and it all comes together in the great circle of our pitiful meaningless lives. Odysseus did not look at that phrase that way; in fact he realizes life as completely the opposite. "Good god," he must have been be thinking, "my life is short, I must make a good impression for the world to see." He understood how important it was to be trustworthy of the gods and mortals alike. His reputation served him well in most of his adventures but they didn't when he got home. But all those wretched men ended up dead.The hero of this timeless classic is Odysseus, a good man from the country of Pyloss. His adventures started when he left his beautiful homeland for the impregnable fortress of Troy to do battle. They ended up beating those scalawags but unfortunately for him and the crew they got into trouble with Lotus eating and were basically sentenced to death. Odysseus willingly survived this and many other misfortunate events followed thereafter. Being honest served him well after this incident when _____ filled a magic bag with magic air. Being truthful got him the bag but when he and his crew sailed away, his dishonest crew betrayed the poor soul and doomed their ship to hell. Odysseus came back to ______ but he turned our poor hero out the door for "being reckless" which he actually wasn't. Sure, this great guy slept around a lot with some goddesses like circe, but he did tell his wife the truth when he got home. I'm sure that his telling the truth was an extra lovemaking bonus but it also saved his marriage. Can you imagine, as a faithful and imaginative reader to this book, even conceive the consequences of his not telling the truth to his wife Penelope? His...

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839 words - 4 pages to him that she is doing it against her will. Therefore, instead of being honest at the risk of being thought less of, she distorts the truth in order to maintain her ego. Again on Calypso’s island, Homer uses imagery in order to characterize Odysseus in his seven year confinement as hopeless. When we first meet him, we immediately find out that “the sweet days of his lifetime [are] running out in anguish over his exile”(79-80). The emphasis of

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1717 words - 7 pages Written about two thousand and seven hundred years earlier, the Odyssey is still influencing modern storytelling today. Odysseus, the legendary Greek king of Ithaca and protagonist of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey was recognized as a great hero of his time. He was known for his defining qualities of superior strength and athleticism, sharp intellect, sensual ness, and a thirst for glory. These character traits are still being used to attribute

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3891 words - 16 pages preserve his life through the second half of the poem. He does not immediately bare his identity to Laertes, and instead, leads him to believe that Odysseus is dead. This tactic goes wrong as Odysseus genuinely hurts his father with his dishonesty. As a result, Odysseus is finally completely honest to his entire family; thus, he fully abandons his previous habit of concealing knowledge and reveling in his own superiority. Achilles, on the

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1441 words - 6 pages an honest day's work (Book XVIII). Melantho, one of Penelope's maids, also insults Odysseus while he is waiting to see Penelope (Book XIX). When Melantho spots him in the hall, she rudely comments, "Ah, stranger, are you still here, so creepy, late at night hanging about, looking the women over? You old goat, go outside, cuddle your supper; get out, or a torch may kindle you behind!" Unlike the suitors and other discourteous characters, Penelope

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1961 words - 8 pages difference seems to be that Penelope is a woman. In my opinion, Odysseus would be much more likely to reveal himself to a son or brother in this situation than a daughter, sister or a wife. Unfortunately there are no other characters available to test this. The only one he can be honest with is Athena, but she is a special case all to herself.             When Athena and Odysseus first meet in Ithaka, it is a case of giving each other a taste

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689 words - 3 pages his best to not be deceitful and to give to Athena the most honest answer that was to his knowledge. He is showing himself to say all things to his best knowledge.Throughout the beginning of the book, Telemachus was told by many that he was and is the son of Odysseus. Penelope, Athena, Telemachus' nurse, those of their kingdom, and also many others referred to Telemachus as the son of Odysseus. However, no matter how many people tell him that, he

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1143 words - 5 pages In The Odyssey and Ramayana, the authors depict the characters through the eyes of their culture and civilization. In both works, the representation of men and women reflects an ideal that was sought after at the time. Particularly, the texts focus on the relationships between the main characters and the religion, as well as the main character and their familial ties. In The Odyssey, there is Athena and Odysseus while in Ramayana, there is


645 words - 3 pages ” (Homer III, 133-5). By emulating his father and trying to find him, Telemakhos is attempting to keep the home together and achieving his patrimony. Although Telemakhos is similar to Odysseus, he is his own person with his own identity. He shares Odysseus’s skill of speech, but not his trickery and deception. Telemakhos is more honest in his dealings with others. This includes admitting “It is my fault, Father,/ mine alone…/They were more alert

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996 words - 4 pages Denise R Morgan (1) Western Literature December 10, 2000 Philoctetes by, Sophocles This is a story about a man who had been deceived. I am going to explore the image of false friendship that is portrayed in this story. I am also going to examine the image of Philoctetes's bow.This story is about Neoptolemus a man who pretends to be a friend to Philoctetes. Neoptolemus is in the service of King Odysseus. The king wishes to prevent the fulfillment

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1574 words - 6 pages is an understanding that he isn't always honest he is here. Odysseus may not always know when to draw the line, but here he does in hopes of finally reaching home.Once at home he has the job of fixing the wrong that was down in his house by getting rid of the suitors. He must kill the twelve maids who slept with them. In talking to the maids Telemachos says, "I would not take away the lives of these creatures..." (Odyssey, 22:460). Telemachos

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1887 words - 8 pages -- both parties are to blame -- both are shamed -- both are banished. Although there is some "locker room talk" between two of the male gods that they would willingly lie in chains several layers thick to be beside Aphrodite.  Sexuality among mortals is another key to this poem and this question. Women and men are represented differentially in this regard -- The herdsman Eumaios -- Odysseus brother by "adoption" recounts how he came to Ithaka

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1135 words - 5 pages and Ulysses are both strategic and heroic, Odysseus has more nobility than Ulysses as seen by his courage, honesty, and trustworthiness. One characteristic of Odysseus is honesty. In The Odyssey, Odysseus always kept his word. For example, Odysseus is honest with his crew and explains to them that the island of the sirens is dangerous and some men will die. Odysseus explains, “‘Friends... it’s wrong for only one or two/ to know the revelations

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770 words - 4 pages not compare with Calypso. This confession shows that Odysseus is honest and in doing this it builds a respect for Odysseus and even further solidifies his leadership ability. He is also has strong communication skill and is an articulate speaker. Odysseus can win over and manipulate his peers effortlessly. For example, when Odysseus reaches the beaches of Scheria he is discover by Nausicaa, the princess, he is able to use his charm to win her