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[Bessian and Diana cut their honeymoon short and decide to leave the High Plateau. They pack their things, check out of the hotel, and load their possessions in the coach and leave.]

While Gjorg is wandering around the High Plateau, he couldn’t help but wonder where the coach with the lovely woman and her new husband ride in. He heard horses galloping at a medium pace, and instantly, he spotted the coach where the newlyweds rode in. “Stop!! Stop!” he shouted. The driver halted the horses and asked what he was troubling him for. Diana heard the voice of Gjorg and opened the curtains to find him conversing with their driver. Gjorg noticed Diana and became mesmerized with her delicate blue eyes. “Hey Gjorg, we were on our way to the airport to catch our flight back to the United States,” she exclaimed. “Why are y’all leaving so soon?” Gjorg asked. “My husband feels as if I am losing interest in him because of this unfamiliar habitat,” she said while rolling her eyes. “Would you like to show us where the airport is at because I think our driver has no clue where we are going?” she begged. “Okay…sure. I don’t have anything else on my agenda.” Gjorg replied. Gjorg entered the coach as Bessian looked at him and Diana with dismay and a questioning glance. “Baby, I hope you don’t mind if I invited Gjorg to guide us to our destination!” she said with a cautious voice. “It’s fine with me,” Bessian said grudgingly. After a while, Gjorg began to tell the couple about the blood feud and explained that someone will eventually kill him. “Who came up with these rules and why do you have to abide by them?” Diana asked. “These rules are written in the Kanun which is our guide to life and we have to abide by these rules because we do not want our family to be looked at as being weak.” Gjorg answered. As they talk deeply about the High Plateau’s civilization, Bessian noticed the look in Gjorg’s eyes toward his wife. The look symbolized happiness, joy, and opportunity Gjorg found in his wife. The way his wife been behaving since she met Gjorg and the way Gjorg looked at his wife made him wonder if she was ready to make the commitment of being his wife. Obviously, she was not ready. It was obvious that Bessian’s wife had grown fond of Gjorg and vice versa. It seemed like the journey to the airport had taken days. They decided to stop by a souvenir store to buy an item in remembrance of their trip. At the store, Gjorg escorted Diana around to help her find the perfect artifact. Bessian began to grow agitated because his new wife was spending more time with a stranger than the so-called “love of her life.” “This is crazy.” Bessian thought to himself. Bessian thinks he should figure out something before he loses his wife. He went up to the store clerk to request more information about this blood feud. The store clerk managed to tell Bessian that yesterday was Gjorg’s last day of protection. He also told him that he is bound to be murdered sometime this evening....

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