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The Honor System Or Honesty System: How Honest Are You?

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How trusting are you? Do you believe people are basically honest, or do you think people are honest only when they think someone else is watching? There are theories that people feel under pressure when someone else is watching to do the good thing, but when no one is looking they don’t feel as pressured to do what is usually expected. Many people have observed people being deterrence, or following the honor system.
Deterrence is a theory based on behavioral psychology about preventing or controlling actions and behavior through fear of being punished. (Henry Farrell, 2013). Deterrence is divided into two separate categories. General deterrence is examples are made of deviants. The ...view middle of the document...

Honestly and deterrence is looked at for different reasons throughout seeing how people act when no one is around to seeing how people are in the justice system. Scientist have also used different experiments to see how people are with telling the truth when being a witness or if they just make up things. Many have observed some witnesses just put things together in order to act like they remember what happened during the time of the crime.
Another thing that is looked at is if someone walks by a wallet lying on the ground are they going to pick it up to return it, or wait till no one is looking then take it for themselves. In an experiment conducted in 2013 by Kieran Corcoran, showed of the 192 wallets left just under half were returned, but the results varied from city to city in each study. Her experiment showed that it didn’t matter if the place was rich or poor that it had no effect on whether people kept the wallet or not returned it. She interviewed every person that brought back the wallets, one of them being Lasse Luomakoski, a 27-year-old student in Helsinki, thought that people in her town were naturally disposed to being honest. He said: “Finns are naturally honest, it’s typical for us.’’
If you saw an ice tea stand that was one dollar per bottle, would you take the beverage leaving a dollar or without if no one was around? This is what the National Honesty Index in all 50 states to in July. For 10 days, they put unmanned stands selling Honest Teas for a one dollar in 61 locations. The experiment showed the honesty and broke the data down by gender, state, hair length, hair color, and accessories. Turned out, 92% of Americans are honest! Alabama and Hawaii are the honest states, with 100% of people paying for the drinks, while Washington, D.C. is the least honest, with only 80% honoring the system.
The experiment also found out that most women are honest over men, blondes are more honest over brunettes or redheads, and people in groups are more likely to be honest than individuals on their own. “We’ve conducted our experiment in different cities over the past few years, but this is the first time we’ve conducted the experiment on a national scale,” says Seth Goldman, co-founder and TeaEO of...

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