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The Hoover Dam Essay

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The use of turbines from dams to provide power was a brilliant idea until water levels started running lower than normal. The water waste from humanity is directly contributing to portions of it, aside from drought conditions affected by pollution, widespread fires battled, and more adds to the depletion thereof. When humanity is relying on power provided from dams to handle the demand, they are essentially relying on the assumption that water levels will always be there to provide it. The Hoover Dam provides power to the southwestern portion of the USA that has a large number of people.
The Hoover Dam turbines provide a great amount of electricity to those living in the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada. The water level of Lake Mead currently affects the dam’s ability to provide power from the large sized turbines. When the water level of Lake Mead goes down from conditions affecting it, the dam’s ability to provide power directly affects the power companies supplying consumers. Fortunately, the water levels gained back some of that full amount while still shy of where it once existed. As stated, “But the increased elevation isn’t enough to reopen any of the four boat launch ramps closed in the past decade, Holland said” (Shine, C., 2011, para. 9). This definitely indicates that there is currently promise to recovering with close to the original levels even though it may not be excessively soon.
The prospect of Lake Mead’s water level returning to the fullness of the past would be a desirable outlook. As stated, “Snowpack in southern and eastern Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada is still far below normal” (Berwyn, B., 2014, para. 3). The very dry conditions in New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern Nevada much like Colorado has experienced over the years are not helpful to those farming for the people to have something to eat when the drought has ruined the harvest. As people address the solutions necessary to provide a path of resolve for our future generations to come, everyone would start to experience the joyful feeling of knowing the accomplishment and benefit to humanity.
The solution to escaping a confined dependency on the power supply from the level of water damned would exist in the alternatives. One such alternative would be solar power that is gaining popularity with humanity each day that passes. The benefits of switching toward a natural form of energy that is available as long as the Sun continues to shine. The rising costs of utility bill expenses cramping the already crimped budgets of those economically strapped and challenged in life. The solar power is a cleaner form of energy and completely natural resource for us to utilize in our life.
The wind power is another natural resource that would benefit humanity as long as there is a strong breeze and especially a chinook sailing through. There would be a total dependency on the blowing wind though, and that might suggest the solar is a better alternative. It...

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