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written for a college entrance exam. HOPE does NOT stand for helping outstanding students excel or whatever!!! -The HOPE BillIn the year 2024, the world has grown to increase its size to 24 billion people worldwide. The increase in the population has caused the destruction of most farmland in the world, causing it to look underwater for a supply of food. Private enterprises are currently farming and selling food that comes from underwater regions of the world. However, a vast majority of the world is still not being fed. On a percentage basis, though, we have fewer people unemployed than in 1996. However, that still means that over a hundred million people are unemployed and double that are on welfare or homeless. As a result, I am sponsoring a bill to the senate that will address this problem.The HOPE program, Helping Others acquire Pride and Emancipation, will help the unfortunate people gain pride in what they do. The HOPE will give back the pride that people need and deserve. It will put people into a more productive and rewarding job by emancipating them out of the life each person is leading.Twenty years ago, in the year 2004, the world implemented a youth program that was the exact opposite of Hitler's Youth. For example, the program gives kids a feeling of self-confidence, and they become more tolerant of others and their views. The program places all kids in situations to learn of other cultures and to gain a caring and understanding in all situations, people caring for the plight of others. In the fourth through the sixth grade, all kids are required to complete at least 5 hours of community service each week; in high school, they are required to complete ten hours a week. Thisprogram has caused the world to gain a more caring, empathetic attitude towards the well-being of others. 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.' This was the groundbreaking program that people had been waiting for so that a program like mine could enter the senate. To solve the problem of the unemployed, the homeless, and the welfare recipients, I will propose a new bill, talk about the arguments against my bill, and present solutions to the arguments.The first part of the plan is to have a world-wide benefit to raise money to help pay for the program. Jerry Lewis raised millions of dollars for muscular dystrophy. In the year 2000, a cure for this debilitating disease was found as a result of these 'telethons'. People will donate money to a worthy cause such as the one that I am proposing. Movie stars, professional athletes, cyberspace and virtual reality actors, politicians, and the 'keepers of life' will participate along with others. We will be able to raise most of the money but will need the government to contribute its share to fund such an aggressive and comprehensive program.A government sponsored program is needed if we are to attack poverty. Every country will need to contribute a certain amount of money. How many people it...

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