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The Horrible Case Of Mosquito Infection In Philadelphia

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Out in sea, The Hankey. It recently just Saint-Domingue; leaving the constant slave revolts and the tyrannical rule of the French. Housed on this boat were slaves, negroes that were brought there previously during the slave trade. As a refugee boat, you couldn’t expect to be living in luxury. Living with barely any food or water, non-existent beds and cold nights; all of this purely to live in a better life. A better life to live in the United States.
Philadelphia, Seventeen ninety- three. A city teeming with activity; the focal point of the developing country: the capital and the busiest port at the time. Quite contray to its economica success, its streets were horrid; truly disgusting. The stench of weeks worth of garbage on the streets, the 10 different outhouses that were less that a block away from you. Even so, it was a great place to live at the time. Just a year ago, the first US Mint was opened and a year before that, the first US stock exchange was opened as well. It was truly becoming a country.
But the environmental drawbacks were finally coming into place. Once again, the mosquitoes have come back again this hot summer to feed. It definitely has not been the first time that mosquitoes have come back to strike again; but this time, it felt as if they came back with a bigger army; having more ideal areas to breed. But the mosquitoes were merely the culprit; his weapon has yet to be found on the scene.
With the ship arriving, there was going to be a perfect conglomerate of coincidences. One, was the changes in temperature and the introduction of the mosquitoes in the environment. Secondly was the new immigrants from Saint-Domingue, bringing along with them, the final piece to open the doors of hell; that piece was none other than Yellow Fever.
The virus that has skirmished with Philadelphia many time before is getting ready for the finale; a battle where yellow fever has a...

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