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The Horrible Effects Of Being A Child Soldier

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Today there are at least 3,000,000 boys and girls under the age of 18 who are fighting as soldiers. At least 14 countries such as Colombia, Myanmar, and Afghanistan are by far the most well-known. Many are forced to become soldiers and are used to fight in terrible wars (‘Child soldiers: A worldwide scourge’). This can create trauma for them and completely ruin their lives. Children who become soldiers can be killed, kidnapped, and tortured in many ways.
Many child soldiers are killed in the war. The children who survive the war can suffer from psychological trauma. The trauma can affect their social and cognitive development. After the war the children soldiers are released or try to ...view middle of the document...

He did hard training, woke up early and had little food. He grew up not knowing how to do anything but to kill (‘There Are at Least 500 Child Soldiers Fighting in Northeast India, and the World Hasn’t Noticed’). Also, sometimes a child’s environment can make a child became a soldier, such as them growing up with violence, impunity, injustice, vulnerability, and fearing the force. Those all things that would motivate them to protect themselves with training ('Psychosocial problems of child Soldiers').

Today, soldiers who are children are still brainwashed today and sent to in the front lines of India’s rebellion. There are at least 500 child soldiers now in Northeast (‘There Are at Least 500 Child Soldiers Fighting in Northeast India, and the World Hasn’t Noticed’). In this uncertain, desperate environment children learn to make horrible choices since they grow up with violence, injustice and vulnerability. They fear for their safety and turn to protect themselves with arms and training ('Psychosocial problems of child Soldiers').
Twenty sever years ago, Joseph Kony kidnapped hundreds of children away from their families and forced them to fight in his 'Lord’s Resistance Army' (LRA) (‘Tragedy of kidnapped child soldiers forced to kill or be killed by Joseph Kony's savage Lord’s Resistance Army’). He
wold make them commit heinous crimes and occasionally made the children kill their families with their own hands.
Park 3
Kony and his top commander would brainwash the abducted (‘How Joseph Kony brainwashes child soldiers’).The Lord's Restistance army daily life is hunger, marching, and bullying. They drug the children and therefor make them become crazy. The Lord's Resistance Army would make the children do all of their dirty work (‘Kony's child soldiers: 'When you...

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