The Horrific Chernobyl Accident Essay

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On April 26th 1986 located in Ukraine the catastrophic and disastrous nuclear accident occurred labeled “The Chernobyl Disaster” occurred. The catastrophe is recorded to be the worst nuclear power-plant accident to date and the first classified as a level seven event on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The estimated cost of the damage inflicted is a total of eighteen billion rubles. The loss of life sparked by the ordeal official thirty-one people by direct cause. The disaster has had a prolonged effect to environmental and health fields. The total damaged of “The Chernobyl Disaster” is unknown and remain in the process to be accounted for.

“The Chernobyl Disaster” had a multitude of chronological variables which led to the mishap. These variables manifested in conjunction to the preparation and execution of a mandatory test on one of Chernobyl's reactors. The horrific execution kindled the catastrophic situation on numerous factors. One factor is the atrocious timing the operation was initiated. Second, is the human error involved in the preparation and execution of the test and last is the negligence of facility’s staff. The multitude of mistakes led to the immediate danger of the reactor exploding. The explosion posed immediate danger to local inhabitants and to the world. The drastic situation demanded a world wide response. The response involved a precautionary measure to contain radiation fallout dispersed into the atmosphere. The threat of radiation poising spread across the world needed to be addressed and the requirement to attend to civilian safety. The immediate threat of “The Chernobyl Disaster” passed, the world has yet remained under the effect of the horrific ordeal. An enormous portion of land uninhabitable by radiation contamination. The worry of the nuclear fallout spreading through the local terrain by unpredicted methods. The sorrow of the increased rate of generic defects and thyroid cancer present in the generation of the catastrophe and the generations after. The critical history of the disaster is a need-to-know for any individual who wish involve themselves in field of nuclear study, as those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.
One day prior to “The Chernobyl Disaster” the nuclear facility scheduled an experimental test to be run on reactor four for the nuclear facility. The goal was to solve an unacceptable flaw of a power outage if an unexpected electrical issue occurred. The process was to identity and measure the residual energy generated by the reactor could supply enough energy to run critical components of the reactor until the back-up Diesel generation could kick in before reaching a low-power or shut-down state. The experiment was to be over viewed by a specially tasked group of electrical engineer team, and the duration of the operation was scheduled to occur between the day too afternoon work cycles.

The time schedule for the experimental operation suffered an unexpected delay. The Kiev...

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1054 words - 5 pages Chernobyl, They Refused to Leave." CNN. Cable News Network, 07 Nov. 2013. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. . United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation. "Assessments of the Chernobyl Accident." UNSCEAR Assessments of the Chernobyl Accident. United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. .

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