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The Horror Of Aids Virus Essay

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The Horror of AIDS Virus
AIDS is a communicable disease that has the ability to damage the immune system. A communicable disease is a type of disease that can spread from a person to a person. The immune system is a structure that conducts several processes to prevent from getting a disease. “The origins of HIV date back to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century in west-central Africa. AIDS and its cause, HIV, were first identified and recognized in the early 1980s” (What Is AIDS... 1). AIDS is the final stage of the HIV infection. The structure of HIV virus is that it has two single strands of RNA which get injected into the host cell. This retrovirus has a membrane like outer cover ...view middle of the document...

“The average life expectancy from time of Aids diagnosis to death is about three years” (Packer 42). There has always been a misunderstanding about AIDS because it is new disease that we do not know much about. The people think that they can get AIDS if they touch a person with this disease which is not true. The truth is that this virus spreads by sexual intercourse with someone who is infected or has been exposed this virus. It is hard to determine if a person has AIDS or not because this disease shares same symptoms as the other diseases.
AIDS is caused by a virus called HTLV-III, LAV, HIV- I or ARV. These viruses invade the helper T cells and kill them. Without helper T cells, the body of an AIDS patient becomes vulnerable to many serious infections. The AIDS virus can damage the brain because it has the ability to kill the brain cells. The time between exposure and symptoms is long, so no one can calculate the number of people that will develop AIDS because they have the virus’s antibodies. The doctors believe that the virus can be found in a body’s fluids. Anyone who is exposed to the virus is able to transmit it to others even if they do not see any symptoms. “ Since it takes from six months to five years or more after exposure for the first symptoms of AIDS to appear, there is a very long danger period in which carriers of the virus may not realized they need to take special precautions”( Silverstein 38).
This virus is found in an infected person’s blood, the semen in the male, and the vaginal secretions in the female. “The virus is believed to be transmitted more easily from an infected man to a woman than from an infected woman to a man” (Silverstein 39). This virus spreads by sexual intercourse, blood transfusions, needle sharing and from mother to child. “The U.S. blood supply is among the safest in the world. Nearly all people infected with HIV through blood transfusions received those transfusions before 1985, the year HIV testing began for all donated blood” (HIV/ AIDS: Medline Plus…. 4). Most of the common symptoms are chills, weakness and weight loss. The flu like symptoms are diarrhea, fever, headache, mouth sores, muscle stiffness, night sweats, rashes, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. “There is no other infectious disease in the last 100 years that has caused so much suffering and so much death and appeared so unexpectedly” (Brown 1).
There is no cure for AIDS, but there are treatments available if the patient wants to control the symptoms. Antiretroviral therapy ends the replication of the HIV virus in the body. This prevention could improve T-cell counts and help the immune system recover from HIV infection, even after this the patient is not able to have sexual intercourse with anyone because they might pass the infection to their partner. A drug named azidothymidine, or AZT was invented in the mid- 1980s which slowed the spread of the illness and prolonged the lives of many of the ill for months or even years....

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