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The Horror Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust, meaning destruction or slaughter on a large scale led by Adolf Hitler, was the mass killing of Jews, communists, political prisoners, gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone else that Hitler thought worthy of slaughtering. The target for this mass killing was all of the Jews of the world. The result of this action taken by Hitler and the other Nazis was over six million victimized before Hitler was defeated in 1945 at the age of 56 years old. The majority of the killings took place in large concentration camps located in different areas primarily around Poland.
The concentration camps were designed specifically to murder all Jews and other so called undesirables in quantity. They were made for the sole purpose of slaying all the Jews in the world. The camps were intended to replace the mobile killing units of the Nazis. The purpose of the camps was to provide a faster, easier, and less personal way to exterminate millions of Jews. The Nazis were not concerned with the personal suffering of the victims, but rather wanted to spare the shooters from the unpleasantness of the massacre.
The transition from the Jew being an ordinary citizen to being killed by the hundreds happened within a few years of Hitler taking leadership of Germany. First, they made laws that Jews could not go to school or hold a position within the government; slowly it extended to Jews being forced into small, underprivileged and overpopulated areas within larger cities. These areas were called ghettos. From that point the Nazis would gather large sizes of the ghettos and pile its citizens on a train to take them to the concentration camps. There were several methods of getting the victims on the train. The purpose of the evacuations was kept secret. Jews were told they were being “relocated” to the east. Often, the Jews were even charged train fare for a one way trip. If this failed the Nazis would simply break into the houses and force the Jews to travel. There was no selection process; all Jews were taken.
The Jews would be placed seventy to eighty people on a train car typically used to haul animals. The cars would be so congested that the Jews were forced to stand with their hands over their heads to diminish the amount of space that an individual inhabits. The Jews would be given one bucket for each train car that was used for human disposal. The train cars were very dark and unpleasing for the several day journey.
Upon arrival at the camp the Jews would then be stripped of their clothing and would be given a single pair of trousers, a shirt and a hat for men, however, women would be given a smock-like dress. Both parties were supplied with either wooden or leather clogs that created foot sores as well as a hazardous and unsanitary working environment. Once settled in the camp the Jews were then piled up to 1,200 people in barracks constructed to comfortably hold a capacity of 250 on painfully uncomfortable straw beds. Prisoners slept five in a bed and...

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