The Horrors Of A Child Soldier

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Child Soldiers

Since 1998 over 100000 child soldiers have been released from armed groups and that is just a few of the many more children that have been abducted by rebels and other military groups. These children are forced to fight for these groups and in return the children get drugs and get addicted so they will come back to their groups to get more. The use of Child soldiers is horrific but the history of the problem does not go back too far but the extent of the problem today has been terrifying. The repercussions of the problem are long lasting and some don't go away even though some future solutions might help but it will not fix the experiences some of the children have gone ...view middle of the document...

The government tries to fight off the rebels but the thick forest is great for ambushes and surprise attacks on the military. The government's don't give much protection to the civilians in these areas and their reputation goes down.
The effects on these children that have gone to war are what no one would ever ask for. Children involved in war are scared for life with images in their head that they don't want to see because it brings back horrible memories. They suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and have to be rehabilitated for years. Since the children have been abused by these adults forcing them to do whatever they say, they now have less trust for adults because they don't know if they could be the same. While the children were in war they were daily drug users and as a result some of them go back to doing drugs as a way to escape reality because it worked when they were carrying guns. Kids have not been able to get an education while in combat and now they live in poverty. Some of them think that going back to war is their best chance at survival because they are given the basic things they need.
There might not be a solution to this problem that will work 100% but their is a solution that will work 99.9% and it starts with the International Criminal Court. They hope that the 14 year sentencing of a child...

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