The Horrors Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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What animals endure in laboratories is horrific and sickening. Animals should not have to suffer this much for unreliable experiments. They are not lab equipment that can just be thrown away. Animals are still living beings and deserve to at least live out their life. Activists of animal experimentation say that most experiments are not painful to animals, which is far from true. There is no law restricting the use of animals for experimentation. The only law today governing cruelty of animals is the Animal Welfare Act. This law allows animals to be used in all experiments even if they are painful or kill millions of animals. This law gives laboratories the right to burn, shock, poison, starve, restrain, force drugs in, and create brain-damage to animals. Even worse, painkillers are not required at all. In fact, because of the cost of painkillers and the number of animals laboratories use. Almost no labs use painkillers at all (“Animal Testing is Bad Science”). This exemplifies the freedom given to laboratories to hurt and torture animals. Many people are mislead into thinking there are restrictions for the type of tests done to animals for experimentation. In reality, laboratories have total freedom. The Animals Welfare Act even states animal experimentation can happen in the name of science. In addition, animals do not have to be under anesthesia in order to perform experiments. Painful tests are excruciating to the welfare of the animals health. The level of harm inflicted on the animals is not even discussed. One of the most common and cruel tests done in labs is the LD 50.
The LD stands for “Lethal Dose” and 50 is the percent of animals poisoned in the test. In this test, any type of animal is used (usually dogs, or mice) and force-feed substances to them until at least 50 percent of the animals are poisoned to death (Singer 7). This experiment illustrates how traumatic and painful these tests are to the animals. This test’s main point is to poison fifty percent of the animals. This test, alone, should be enough to prove that animal experimentation is cruel. Animals deserve a life and they deserve to live that life without humans interrupting it. Humans should not get to come in and cut open, poison, starve, or just hurt animals in any way. ‘In the name of science’ seems to be the excuse for all the harm done to animals. It is not enough. This ‘science’ talked about all the time does not seem to be working. The only thing animal experimentation does is cause pain and suffering.
Now that more effective and less expensive alternatives exist, animal testing is completely unnecessary. More advanced methods to test products and medicines have been created and should be used, instead. For example, CeeTox, a company in Michigan, created an animal-friendly way to test toxicity by using ‘vitro toxicity screening’ to test products. This allowed labs to test the level of harmful materials in chemicals by using technology rather than animals....

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