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The Horrors Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Donnie Widdowfield

Human Trafficking

If you watch movies, television shows, and especially the news, it’s almost certain you have heard the term human trafficking. Human trafficking is the illegal transport of people for sexual and labor purposes, which is basically modern day slavery. Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, even you. Women and children tend to be the main targets. Traffickers prefer to prey on people from poor households, ethnic minorities, and illegal immigrants, as well as people who aren’t well educated. These people work in homes, children are used in the military, and they also work in crop fields and other jobs. Many traffickers threaten their victims by beating them, rape, torture, starvation etc.
Globally the average cost of a slave is around $90.00, which is far less than the $40,000 cost years ago. Although slavery is globally banned there are sadly around 29 million people used as slaves today. Out of that 29 million 15,000 are being bought and sold right here in the United States. 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every single year, and around 70 percent of the people are female with the rest being children.
The Europeans began slave trading in Africa thousands of years ago. The Portuguese would transport Africans to Portugal to be used as slaves, and as the colonies grew the need for slaves increased. This increase caused more countries to become involved in the use of slaves and slave trade. These countries included but were not limited to Spain, North America, and France. In 1904 the International Agreement for The Suppression of “white slave traffic” was signed. It protected women from sexual exploitation. This agreement was later changed to “traffic in women and children”. This way all women no matter their race were included. Within the last century there have been even more steps taken to stop human trafficking.
Katherine Chan and Derek Ellerman founded the Polaris Project in 2002. The Polaris Project does several things for example it has a national toll-free hotline, it raises awareness, and helps to train law enforcement to work properly with human trafficking issues. The Polaris Project has found in one of their studies that women who are in debt often face things such as debt bondage. The money they receive from sexual acts is what they use to help pay off the debts they have acquired. In 2007 51,911 phone calls were made from people who self-identified themselves as trafficking victims. That is a 60 percent increase in phone calls up until 2010. The majority of calls from within the United States came from New York, Texas, California, and Florida. In 2000 the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was created to “ensure just and effective punishment of traffickers, and to protect their victims.” Protection, prosecution, and prevention were the three main points of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.
There are several different...

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