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The Horrors Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust was a time period in history that is very important to learn about. We learn about it for many reasons, but I think the most important reason is to learn not to discriminate against other people. Not only is it very important to learn about the Holocaust, but it's also important to learn about Hitler's rise to power and how he came to make his decision of the discrimination affiliated with the Holocaust. The events and outcome of World War II and Anne Frank are very important topics, too. These topics are all factors that are associated with the overall events of the Holocaust and all back up the reason as to why we study the Holocaust.

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Eventually, he sent "undesirables" to concentration or labor camps where they worked and did manual labor (often leading to death from sickness, hunger, exhaustion, etc.). He also sent them to death or extermination camps where they were killed in gas chambers. It's important that we learn about this to see what these people had to go through and what Hitler's extreme discrimination lead to. "Undesirables" greatly suffered during the Holocaust and went through discrimination for many years, so we need to learn that discrimination can have negative effects on individuals and society.

Many people think that the Holocaust was the main cause of World War II, but that wasn't all that lead to it. Japan, Germany, and Italy teamed up prior to the war in an attempt for each of the countries to exhibit their power to the world. They made a pact called the Tripartheid Pact, which declared that each of them would help each other but not get in each other's way of their exhibitions of power. These three countries were known as the Axis Powers during the war. Japan, in an attempt to represent their power individually and get back at the U.S. for putting an embargo on them, bombed the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Unfortunately for them, though, this brought the U.S. into the war and completely turned around its course. The U.S. teamed up with Britain and Russia and were known as the Allies. Eventually, the Allies won the war and were able to rescue some of the survived "undesirables" in the camps. World War II is a very important thing for us to learn about because we should learn the outcome of the war and how all the tragic events came to an end. The U.S. entering the war is one of the key reasons as to how the Holocaust ended and knowing that helps us see the power that our country holds.

Anne Frank was a young girl who suffered as a Jew during the Holocaust. Her, her family, the Van Daan family, and Dr. Dussel moved into a secret hideout known as the Secret Annex. They lived there for a few years in hiding until...

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