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The Horrors Of War Essay

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Unending exchange of bullets coming from rifles of the soldiers, a mother lamenting for the death of her young boy who goes to war, and great toll of loss life both of the soldiers and civilians- all these are not enough to describe the horrors brought by the war, but, these are enough to illustrate the price, expensive price, paid in war.
The First World War that broke out in Europe on August, 1914 definitely created a lasting effect in the world. It was not just a war between two nations but a war of the world divided into two- the Central Powers and the Allies. Alliances, development of new weapons such as rapid fire machine guns, long range guns of explosive shells, tanks and aerial battles, and extreme nationalism added more flame in this fume. However, many thought that this will just be a short war, little did they know that an enormous shadow was casting all over Europe the moment it involved itself in the war.
Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary of Britain, remarked on the 3rd of August, 1914, the night before Britain officially declared war against Germany that “The lamps are going out all over Europe; and we shall not see them lit again”. This statement coming from him, pictures how he foresees the devastating state of the world because of this war and indeed, he was right.
Unlike what most of the people were expecting, the war had horrible devastations. At least 10 million soldiers died in war while 21 million were wounded. Civilians faced dangers and hardships since the world experienced food shortages. Economies were neglected because every effort was directed towards the support for the war. Hunger, influenza pandemic and other diseases caused civilians to die not only in warring countries but even in neutral countries. All these picture the horrifying situation of many places during the war.
Just like what Sir Edward Grey said, the lamp in Europe went out. In the late nineteenth century, before the war, Europe is experiencing rapid industrial growth. Many aspects of life were flourishing such as Science, Music, Literature, Drama and alike. From this, we could say that life is going extremely well. However, because of the war, growth of many European nations was hampered. Italy, for example, even if belonging to the winning side felt the loss since almost half a million of its soldiers died and a million were wounded. Furthermore, they experienced food shortages, inflation, unemployment and business failures. Of course, it is not just in Europe that inflation skyrocketed but in many parts of the world as well. The cost of reparations deeply affected and hurt the economy of Germany.
Another effect of the war was the decline of empires. There were major political changes in the world. One is the collapse of the...

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