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“The Horse Dealer's Daughter” And “The Lady With The Dog”

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The way in which both authors portray their main characters path to finding love is quite astounding. In the short story, “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” written by D.H Lawrence its completely unintentional, the good doctor was merely making his rounds to the people of his city when the euphoria of Mable at her father’s grave swept him to follow her that night. In the short story, “The Lady with The Dog” written by Anton Chekhov, Anna the female main character was only intended as another sexual conquest it was only after Gustov had her that he could not let go. Within both short stories there are many similarities as well as differences in the plots and what they present as well as between the main characters, in the following paragraphs.
Chekhov’s main character Gurov, a man from moscow with three children and a wife who he has a history of being unfaithful to finds himself at the crossroads of infidelity once more, however, his infidelity blossoms into star crossed lovers struggle to be together. Anna Sergeyevna, also married was simply another conquest on Gurov’s list, nothing special as his comments on , “Theres something pathetic about her, anyway” (Literature383). D.H Lawrences’s main characters, Mable and Jack Fergusson were both married unlike Chekhovs characters Fergusson did not charm Mable without having any intentions to marry, their love began when Fergusson rescued Mable from attempted suicide, she felt that him saving her was a translation of him loving her as well. This climactic scene directly differs with because Chekhov’s plot because Gurov charmed Anna, he spent time with her and took the time to form the connection needed to have Anna the way he wanted her.
The resulting feelings however, were completely unintentional because the emotions had not come when she was with Gurov crying in her room because of how sad she felt at the sin against her husband or even the sin against herself. His love for her strengthened in his return to his home in Moscow and his time away from her (Creasman1). Anna and Mable both share a key characteristic of unhappiness, for Anna it is her husband and the life of misery that being married to him entitles her too as for Mable to death of her father as well as losing the family business, the family home, and about to experience her first run in with homelessness she has every reason to be unhappy (Literature1).
The male main characters Gurov and Joe Fergusson both saved their female counterparts and drastically changed their lives whether it be literally or figuratively. In Mable’s pride she found her downfall, Fergusson had merely been finishing his rounds as a doctors assistant when he saw Mable making her way down to the pond. Mable attempted suicide and Fergusson dashed into the murkey pond to save her but in a sense this was not the only way in which she was rescued (Fulford1). In addition to them falling in love as result of his heroic actions she was too saved from a life of poverty in...

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