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Thomas Smith is my great, great, great, grandfather that fought in the Civil War. In the Civil War many soldiers were issued swords, such as artillerymen, Cavalry men, and Musicians(Stoddard). Thomas Smith was a Civil War soldier in the 128th regiment of Pennsylvania, wounded and involved in the battle of Antietam and owned and fought with a sword as many others did in the Civil War.
Thomas was a private in company C of the 128th regiment. This Regiment was organized in August of 1862 and Thomas was mustered in August 14th of 1862. On the August 16th the regiment left for Washington D.C.They were stationed there until September 6th then they then moved to Frederick, Maryland a trek that took 8 days. They then attached to the 1st brigade, 1st division, 12th army corps, and Army of Potomac.(National Park Service)(PA Roots)From there the Regiment moved to Antietam where the Regiment and Thomas would experience their first battle.
The battle of Antietam was the first battle that Thomas and his regiment were involved in.His regiment formed in the woods and marched toward the battle around 6 o'clock. Once they reached the battlefield they were met by the confederate General, General Mansfield.General Mansfield’s regiment was hiding in a cornfield at around 60 or 70 yards ahead of the 128th regiment. The regiment was “under fire immediately”(Wanner) and there was much confusion on how the regiment would apply an attack on the confederate forces due to that they were concealed by the cornfield. Before the 128th regiment could be deployed their Colonel was killed by a bullet to his skull.Soon after their Lieutenant Colonel was wounded in the arm. Putting the Major, Major Joel B. Wanner in charge of the regiment. He is quoted saying “I endeavored to finish the deployment, but it being the first time the regiment had ever been under fire, I found it impossible to do so in the excitement and confusion.”(Wanner) Major Wanner then ordered the his men to charge the cornfield and drive out the Confederate.Their attempt to drive out the enemy started well but caused them to pull back because of the large number of the enemies troops.On their left was the 46th regiment and they held their position. Major Wanner tried to help the 46th regiment by sending men to their right but were ordered to move back into the woods by another General and were relieved by another brigade.(Wanner)In the end 26 were killed including the regiments Colonel, Colonel Croasdale, 86 were wounded including Thomas(Tiana) and the regiments Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel Hammersly, and 6 were missing(Steve Hawk). So in total 118 were killed,wounded, or injured out of the 1,173 men in the regiment(Intellectual Reserve).One thing still remains a mystery; the origin of...

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