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One of the most famous, and popular hospitals around the globe is “The Hospital for sick Children”. The hospital was founded in the spring of 1875, and stands strong till this day. The hospital was established when Elizabeth McMaster rented an 11 room house in downtown, Toronto. She set up six iron cots and declared open a hospital “for the admission and treatment of all sick children”. The hospital rose into high demand and expanded and moved onto University Avenue. Each year, thousands of patients are treated and cured for there ( The hospital is currently working on many projects, in which most are related to understanding learning disabilities. One of the many projects includes “Exploring the causes of Reading Disabilities”; this is a project that overlooks at genes to understand the causes of certain disabilities. Another research project that the hospital is currently working on is; “Parent Involvement and reading development in the early grades”, this project focuses on the effects of parent’s involvements in their children’s disabilities. The final project is the; “Human Genome Project”, which gathers facts about genetic diseases that will be used to create a biomedical source book for the 21st century (Sick Kids Hospital, …………..) ( .
To begin with the first Project that the hospital is currently working on is; “Exploring the causes of Reading Disabilities”. This is a research project where scientists study genes, and analyze them in great depth to serve the purpose of identifying which genes result in certain disabilities. This project aims to study the genes that they have identified as associated with risk of being an element with reading problems. It will help scientists find out about different genes functions, by mapping and identifying a diverse range of genes. This will provide a better understanding on genes specifically related to reading disabilities.
In addition “Parent Involvement and reading development in the early grades” is...

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