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The Hotel Industry Essay

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The hotel industry is always changing, whether it is employees, managers, or owners. Sometimes even the specific hotel brand switches. Even though some hotel chains are stepping up with wages and benefits, there are still lower end chains that do not offer such compensation. When a hotel property sells and new owners take over, in the end it hurts the employees.
It has been, undoubtedly, a great 26 years at one of the busiest hotels in Saint Charles, Illinois. Many sold out nights in the summer, as well as, the spring and fall. InterContinental Hotels Group, known as IHG, changed their brand standards, in which, the Holiday Inn Express no longer falls under. All IHG properties have to have to be a minimum of three stories and with an elevator, to name a couple. As a result of the brand changes, it forced the current owners to sell the property. The property sold for $4.2 million dollars on February 21, 2014 (“Holiday Inn Express Chicago/St. Charles”). This specific locations qualifies for a lower line brand of hotels, such as; Days Inn, Quality Inn, Baymont, and more. The new owners taking over the property will adapt it to Quality Inn.
As a result of the sale, the employees are not happy. There are 22 employees at the Holiday Inn Express, who are all now looking for other work. The industry currently does not have enough room at other properties for this amount of people. The new owners are getting rid of the entire housekeeping, maintenance, and breakfast staff. Out of the six front desk employees, only three have been recommended to the new owners to keep. One out of the three will remain on property with the new owners and a second one may stay. The third will not stay, as the severance pay offered will be enough to leave. The current owners of the Holiday Inn Express are offering one week’s pay for every year of employment. There are many employees who will be getting a nice severance check and other will get...

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