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The Hound Of Baskerville Questions And Answers

1162 words - 5 pages

1. What item has been left at Sherlock Holmes’s office? To whom does the item belong?

The item left in Holmes office was a stick that belonged to Mortimer.

2. What conclusions does Dr. Watson make about the item?

Dr. Watson thinks that Dr. Mortimer is a successful, elderly medical man. He also thinks that the stick was beautiful but sense it was used so much by walking, the stick has been worn out.

3. How does Holmes react to Watson’s theories?

Holmes reaction was quite explicit. He was overjoyed that Watson was able to get many details of Mortimer just by looking at his stick.

4. Who arrives at Holmes’s home?

Dr. Mortimer arrives at Holmes house.

5. What is the purpose of Dr. Mortimer’s visit?

Dr. Mortimer came to visit so that he can regain his stick back and to ask of Holmes’s help.

6. Briefly summarize the contents of the manuscript.
7. What has happened to Sir Charles Baskerville?

Baskerville was diagnosed with dyspnea and death from cardiac exhaustion.

8. What bits of information were excluded from Sir Charles’s obituary?

Sir Charles went to Africa and brought back information about the comparative anatomy. Mortimer noticed that Charles’s nervous system was strained to the breaking point. Charles was also about to go to London and during the trip, he was affected by constant anxiety. Also along Baskerville Hall, there was some footprints where Dr. Mortimer found Sir Charles laying on the ground face first.

9. Who was scheduled to arrive in London?

Sir Charles was scheduled to arrive at London.

10. Why isn’t Holmes concerned about Sir Henry going to Baskerville Hall?

Holmes isn’t concerned about Sir Henry because Sir Henry would be safe in Devonshire as in London.

11. What important deduction does Holmes make about Sir Charles?

Chapters 4-6

1. What does Sir Henry receive upon his arrival in London?

Sir Henry received a letter from a stranger.

2. What does Holmes conclude about the note?

Holmes concludes that they note has a relation to the newspaper article.

3. How does Sir Henry feel about the note and the subsequent disappearance of his boots?

Sir Henry is confused on why does the stolen shoes have anything to do with the note.

4. How does Holmes suggest Sir Henry do? How does Sir Henry respond?

Holmes suggest that he shouldn’t go to Baskerville Hall and Sir Henry isn’t very keen with the idea.

5. What do Holmes and Watson discover after Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer leave?

Holmes and Watson discover a man that looked quite suspicious.

6. What is Cartwright’s assignment?

Cartwright is to visit all 23 of the Charing Cross hotels and to find a magazine with a hole one of the pages.

7. Who does Sir Henry think might be the man following them around London?


8. How does Holmes plan to determine if Barrymore is actually the man following them?

Holmes plans to...

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