The Hound Of The Baskervilles Watson And Holmes: Emotional And Logical

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Between the two main characters in the adventures of Holmes and Dr. Watson, Holmes is the logical and analytical side of their partnership, while Dr. Watson is the almost classic companion that tries to be like Holmes but just doesn't have his unique qualities that define him as a detective. Watson's struggles are very intriguing; while Watson takes appreciation in emotion and romance, Holmes concentrates on the solid facts, mentally blocking out the irrelevant. Holmes is analytical and compromising investigation versus Watson's romantic and descriptive mind, and Holmes is very thorough and precise in comparison to Watson's carelessness. Although these two characters are best described as opposites, when they work together, their success is uncanny.Holmes' analytical and objective mind is by far one of the most distinct of Holmes' qualities. Unlike other detectives, things as trivial as emotion and incomplete understanding do not handicap his judgement. The last chapter, "A Retrospection", is a perfect example of this. He retells the case from his point of view, and does not include any of his personal thoughts whatsoever. He overlooks the factors and variables even before he draws a definite conclusion; "presuming all our conjectures are correct - " (Watson)[137]"I presume nothing." (Holmes) [137]. His mind manages to stymie assumptions and suppress judgment based on his own understanding.Watson's subjectivity and romance forces his mind to dwell on the emotion and detail of the world around him. When he first catches sight of the moor, he writes: "Over the green squares of fields… there rose in the distance a grey, melancholy hill with a jagged stone summit…"[59]. He describes what he witnesses exactly as it appears to him in his mind; "A cold wind swept down… On that desolate plain… in a burrow like a wild beast... Heart full of malignancy..."[61]. He goes into great detail about how he imagines the moor and the convict who is hiding in the moor. Someone not as descriptive as Watson (I imagine) would describe the moor as "somewhat dull or boring". In comparison, Watson is much more in depth of what he is taking in.As the "sidekick" of Holmes, it is a classic quality for him to be, straightforwardly, a klutz. In the case of "The Hound of the Baskervilles", this much is obvious when Watson is preparing an ambush for who is actually Holmes hiding out in the Neolithic hut, Holmes is already aware of his presence before he even entered the hut: "My dear Watson... I think you will be more comfortable outside than in." [128]. This takes Watson totally aback, as he was under the illusion that he was totally concealed when in fact he had made it obvious to...

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797 words - 4 pages . Sherlock, is a funny character. I love how he is so observant and can figure things out before anyone else can and is able to guess how thing happened. It fascinates me quite a bit. Personally, would love to be able to be like that. The funniest thing he does is whenever he says his observations and Watson was wrong he teases him. I love the way he does it. Works Cited Doyle, Arthur Conan. Hound of the Baskervilles. Clayton, Deleware: Prestwick House, 1901

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973 words - 4 pages so they believe in all the rumors. By the way, some of the upper class were believed in the curse somehow, but almost all of them did not. Of course, Sherlock Holmes, Dr.Watson, and some others did not believe it, but sir Henry. First he did not believe about it. He intended to find out all the dark behind the legend about the hound that haunted the Baskervilles. As time passed by, he progressively changed his mind. Another person from the upper

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