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"The Hours" By Stephen Daldry. Essay

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When I watched this movie it is a little confusing to me. I don't get the whole theme and concept of the movie, and how it relates to art and life. This movie focuses on crucial moments in three lives, gradually revealing the connections among them. The movie is about the roles of women and the consequences of rejection by the decision they made.In life everyone has a choice whether it is by our own choice or the choice being pressure upon us. But both choices are very different. I think that when we make our own choice we already know whether the consequences will good or bad. But when we make the own based on the pressure of other when there is a bad consequence of that choice, we have to be the only to blame for and other who put that pressure upon us will not be there to help us carry that consequence.For example, when I first met my husband I was still living in Vietnam. At the time my husband is living in America. I made the choice to marry him with being pressure or forbidden from my family. I am very glad that I made the choice to marry my husband because I am now living happily with him for more than two years now. I have no regrets living my parents behind in Vietnam, even though I do miss them, but I know my husband is my soul mate and I am meant to live by him. With my parents I can always go back to Vietnam to visit them.In the movie the director delivers a delicate, heart-rending portrait of a woman coming undone before reaching a profound understanding about her and the choices she's made. Therefore the consequences of living a life of denial and distraction can eventually killing the person's inside. It can lead to suicide, lonely and emptiness in life.I think artists have a different thinking and feeling about life than a non-artist person. When an artist paints or when a writer writes, they need peace and quiet to bring out the deep meaning of a piece or art or writing. They need to use all the thoughts and good imagination to create a fine art work or a fine writing. As for a normal person without any talent in art or writing living a life of peaceful and quietness is like trying to isolate yourself from the world in front of you. It can be very unhealthy living a life like that.In this society there is a lot of broken relationships and there is also people who trying to stay in the relationship to make it work even though it already has a crack in the middle. For example, my brother-in-law who has been married for 2 years now and he is not happy in his relationship because he wife is very rebellious and hard-headed. He always tries to do his best, and giving her a great life but she seems to not very happy of what she has. So my brother-in-law is suffocated in the relationship that he tries to mature it.The word "disappear" has different...

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