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The Hours Of Jeanne D’evreux And The Woman Of Willendorf

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Some of the most miniscule pieces of art have the most enormous impacts on cultures and societies. Art is highly valued in almost all cultures and an excellent way to relate a culture to its beliefs and values is through the significance of the art created within it. Art has been utilized through all ages from even the most primitive humans all the way into modern society, and these trends will continue. Art is so valuable because it can be withdrawn from almost anyone’s mind, and doesn’t have to be intricate in all cases or expensive in its creation.
One example of a very important piece of art is the Women of Willendorf found in Austria. Another piece of art that plays an significant role in their culture is the Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux. These pieces of art can both be compared and contrasted to one another, relating them both back to each of their society’s way of life.
Both of these works of art can be compared by the size. They are both very small works of art. They are very small with very large meanings to each of their societies. The Woman of Willendorf is a sculpture that is about 110 millimeter in size, which is considered to be small for a sculpture compared to all other sculptures within its culture. The other work of art, The Hours of Jeanne d’Evreeux is also very small for what it contains. The piece is proportioned to be 94 by 64 millimeters, for it being a book that is very small considering the immense amount of detail that is put into creating this special book that is also known to be a prayer book with so many meanings.
Both women are valued very much within both of their societies. The Woman of Willendorf and The Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux, both women in the photos are considered to be of higher power. The Woman of Willendorf is considered to be a well respected because she is said to be the one figure that was created to represent their society as a whole making her of great power within her culture because everyone looks at her as the ideal woman. As for the drawing in The Hours of Jeanne d’Evreuex the women in the drawing is wearing clothing that falls very soft around...

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