The House Of My Dreams An Essay With Notes That Illustrates Both How Such A Paper Might Be Outlined And The Finished Product After Composition

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The House of my DreamsThe day after I win the lottery, I would begin to design my dream house. I would build it on the barrier Island, Perdido Key, on the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida to take advantage of warm winters and mild summers.I would build my dream house in the shape of a saucer, a 360 degree saucer shape with a slight top bulge to accommodate living space, but thematically, it would look much like a classic UFO. I would sink steel beams for the foundation at the center, raising the main structure 12 feet into the air. There would be both an elevator and spiral staircase allowing access, and an opaque barrier for privacy enclosing them within that enclosure would also be hookups to utilities, leaving the look very clean.The inside would be 2000 sq feet of open concept single room luxury with a riser at the southeast leading up to a faux cockpit for viewing sunrises and the sea. A media center at one geographical edge would be sunken with couches to accommodate up to 10 people to big screen TV and stereo pleasure. A kitchen area would be molded into the wall, featuring cabinets and cooking appliances keyed to a futuristic decor that simply says, "Starship" to visitors.Bedroom accommodations would be on risers opposite the cockpit area with railings four feet high for privacy and the bathrooms would be enclosed completely.A balcony molded into the superstructure of the saucer would face 180 degrees of sea and land, but mostly sea. From ground level it would not be detectable by casual glance. A molded stairway would lead to a "Widow's Walk" at the very top of the saucer, with a 360 degree view...

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