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The House Of Wisdom Library Essay

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The House of Wisdom was a highly respected library that not only contained books, but collected and preserved them. The main purpose of this vast library was to translate Persian books into Arabic, which later expanded into the translation Persian, Indian and Greek texts. It was built during the 800s and was founded by the Caliph Al-Ma’mun . He was born in 786 and died in 833 after leading a life full of passion for knowledge. He was a Caliph during the time the Abbasid Caliphate strived to intregrate ethnic and religious minorities into their culture, which is what gave brith to the Islamic Golden Age. As a young man, al-Ma’mun was very invested in learning, he studied anywhere from ...view middle of the document...

In his work, al-Khwarizmi explains the principles of solving linear and quadratic equations, the concept that an equation can be created to find the value of an unknown variable. Another crucial work of al-Khwarizmi’s was The Book on the Art of Reckoning of the Hindus, which introduced the numbering system used in the Islamic culture to the west. This is the numerical system that is still used today and offered many advantages over the existing Roman numerals. Perhaps the most important work from al-Khwarizmi was a geographical report, in which he provides coordinates of the cities, towns, and geographical features of the known world. Al-Khwarizmi was an intellectual of many interests, and his collection of writing express the profound knowledge of the Islamic world in the Middle Ages.
After the mass translation of texts in a variety of languages, the House of Wisdom not only housed a vast library and multitude of translators, but it also contained many sides of science. The library contained an immense amount of academic material, and it was the place where many items were invented or refined. Scholars were able to perfect items such as the camera obscura, distilled alcohol, nitric acid, and the practice of inoculation with vaccines. These discoveries were made because scholars could employ and...

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