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All throughout my childhood my mom advocated the importance of higher education. Aware that my mom struggled to raise three children single-handedly on her small income motivated me to start focusing heavily on school, so that I could improve my situation. When ninth grade finally arrived I knew everything that I did at that point would affect me going to college. I became really focused on having the best GPA and being part of a lot of clubs. I always strive to have the best grades during the grading period and when I didn’t I made sure I stayed after school for tutoring. Since I knew that my mom could not afford to send me to college I realized that I would have to work twice as hard to reach my goals.
After three rough years finally I did it. I graduated from high school with the highest honors and high up in my class and I was so pleased to receive my diploma. My childhood up brings had a lot to do with my achievements in high school and it continues to be my inspiration throughout my college career. I have a very identical story that most children of African American ethnicity have. My dad was absent in my life, causing an income shortage putting us at a disadvantage from our peers. The only difference between myself and others in my position, I yearned to make my situation better. In high school I would get up an hour earlier to catch the bus across town, so that I could go to a better school than the one in my neighborhood. I would work jobs such as babysitting, cutting grass and washing cars so that I could afford to participate in clubs and sports. I was willing to do everything to attend college and to allow myself to have the same opportunities as my peers.
My academic road hasn’t always been undemanding, however I always keep in mind my end goals . I realize now seeing my mom not capable of...

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