The Hr Department Of A City Library Decides To Establish A Sexual Harassment Policy After Receiving Complaints. Develop The Policy And How It Should Be Implemented.

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Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination which may affects an individual's employment, performance, or create an intimidating or hostile work environment. It threatens the employee’s self-esteem and confidence, undermines one’s dignity, and can affect a person’s health and happiness.The Canadian Labour Code establishes an employee's right to employment free of sexual harassment and requires employers to take positive action to prevent sexual harassment in the work place. Our goals here at the library are to maintain an environment that promotes respectful behaviour among co-workers, and to indicate clearly that harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.A sexual harassment policy should contain the following:oA clearly worded definition of sexual harassment and the circumstances in which sexual harassment may occur.oAn outline of the organization's objectives regarding sexual harassment.oThe consequences if the policy is breached by any employee.oResponsibilities of management and staff to implement the policy.oInformation on where individuals can get help, advice or make a complaint.SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY OF THE CITY LIBRARY1.The organization is taking a "zero tolerance" approach toward sexual harassment. If any employee is found to be acting in an inappropriate manner, we will be forced to take action against them, and they will have to face the consequences.2.Sexual harassment can be defined as ‘any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour of a sexual nature which makes a person feel humiliated, intimidated or offended’. Sexual harassment can take many different forms and may include physical contact, verbal comments, jokes, propositions, the display of offensive material or other behaviours which creates a sexually hostile working environment.3.The organization aims to:create a working environment which is free from sexual harassment;impart training to ensure that all employees know their rights and responsibilities;treat all complaints in a fair, timely and confidential manner;guarantee protection of the employees from any victimization that may arise;encourage reporting of behaviour which breaches the sexual harassment policy;4.Sexual harassment is not just unlawful during working hours or in the workplace itself; it is unlawful in any work-related context, including work functions, office parties and interactions with clients and...

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