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The beliefs and works of Voltaire, Diderot, Galileo, Kepler and Copernicus support the Hub theme which is: “Embracing learning; following our dreams and giving back so others can go forth.” These five philosophers from the Enlightenment period and Scientific Revolution embraced learning by deciding to go against what the Catholic Church believed was fact. They followed their dreams by not letting the church’s ignorance stop them from discovering great things. There are great works that were created by these philosophers during The Enlightenment period and Scientific Revolution. Works like the Encyclopédie have done wonders to advance civilization by helping us become more aware of the rest of the universe that surrounds us.
The difficulty that came with embracing learning during the Enlightenment period and Scientific Revolution was the Catholic Church. The church was trying to keep its influence over the people, government, and politics. The new discoveries being made were contradicting the holy book. These five philosophers were persistent on researching new things. They overcame the difficulties that went along with going against the Bible. With their contributions they brought the world advanced theories to ponder and decide if what they believed was right. By following their dreams these philosophers’ beliefs during this period brought about a whole revolution. People were scared of going against the Catholic Church, due to the fear of hell that church put in them. However the great resilience showed by these philosophers, lead to great...

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