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The Benefits Of Building A Green House On Western's La Crosse Campus

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Presenting the benefits of building a green house facility on Western’s La Crosse campus. First student benefits will be explored ,second the campus’s benefits, and third the environmental benefits will be discussed. Images of the recommended design and a map outlining the proposed location are presented, and the estimated costs of the proposed kit are included as well. This project will have a positive impact including supporting Western’s efforts toward meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations or in other words being sustainable (Western, Web).

Introduction . Sustainability and environmental awareness have become topics of increasing importance in all of our lives, and as President Michael Crow of “Arizona State University (ASU)” one of the top green schools in the country, said in his inaugural address, “We are at a critical juncture in the evolution of our relationship to the environment; universities must take the lead in addressing issues of sustainability"(ASU’s).
Western strives to be seen as an example of sustainability in our community and here are a few examples of how: by enacting recycling programs and taking steps to reduce energy usage, as well as through construction of earth friendly buildings. Another project that would help us reach our goals is building a green house on campus.
A campus green house will benefit students through the increased number of green learning opportunities made available and the facility would enhance the campus both in its beauty and its reputation as a eco friendly institution. Environmental benefits of the project include lowering our consumption of nonrenewable energy sources and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Background This project will provide many benefits to students, our campus, and the environment while supporting Western’s efforts in going green. This information was prepared for Western’s Vice President of Finance and Operations Mike Pieper who was chosen based on his expertise and commitment to sustainability
Scope of Study This paper presents the many positive effects that a green house facility would have, who will benefit, and how. Student, campus, and environmental benefits are examined. A map of the proposed location is included as well along with estimated costs for the project.
Student Benefits
Students at Western would benefit from the expanded and increased educational opportunities that a green house would provide. According to, Western’s College Sustainability Plan 2010, one goal for the campus is to expand program, class, and certificate options that relate to “green” topics (“College Sustainability Plan draft”). The building will serve as a “living” classroom environment that will provide the practical learning experience that Western Technical College is known for. The green house...

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