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Today I was thinking back into the past and of those days when I know I could have said something, done something, rearanged something different. But when I thought, all I seemed to find was regret. I regret what I've done and also what I haven't. I miss a lot of things, but in the same I want to forget that they were ever there. That pain inside that never goes away, keeps coming late at night, when everyone else is asleep, and I can do nothing about it. I can barely cry anymore, for those tears that want to come out, can't, for I have already cried them a thousand times again. Trying to be strong, while I am so very weak. Don't they know that I hurt too? The regret of forgetting, followed by the regret of remembering everything. Of growing up to fast, and not knowing how to be a child. That catches up with you, when you all you hear is that voice from your past calling to you, with tear swelled eyes and a broken heart. The changes you wanted to run from, and you did. Those same changes you need to live, so you strive, you hurt, but where is the gain? Words of wisdom from those who ment so much to you, can be turned around to be those very words from which you shall never again want to hear. As I am growing older I seem to realise that I let things go without the thought of regret coming into my mind. I know I am young, but I also know that I am wise. I know the hurt that is out there and I know what can lie around the corner...though I may not know it to the strongest of degrees, I don't think I ever will, but I know I can understand. I can understand the pain and the hurt, and I can strugle to understand the happiness. Those who say that they need no one at all...I think they are wrong, for I've tried, maybe I just didn't try hard enough...but if I had choice I'd never take that road again...for I've tried to stay alone, to lock those doors to my heart, I swore that I would never let anyone in...I lied to myself...and at times I do regret that I never kept that vow to myself, but I also know that if I had, I would be more lost than I am today. I strive for the impossible, and I learn it. If someone says that something cannot be done, I try until I can't any longer. I refuse to let someone tell me something that they have no proof of. Like churches with there gods telling everyone there is a god out there and that if you...

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