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Brooks addresses how our lives construct the meaning, explaining how we are driven by the search for the end – a form of closure, the death drive. Humans in everyday life, relationships, novels, video games, film, etc. seek closure. All these examples have ends that provide closure to the humans. It is through the development of plot and closure that a human gains the meaning of an event or text. Brooks brings up the notion of beginning, middle, and end. Like a text, humans have a beginning, middle, and end; from birth, to life, to death. Through this notion, our lives become less chaotic and more narratable. Our lives are full of never-ending cycles that repeatedly begin and end. The end to Brooks always presupposes another beginning, such as the relationship example, once the end (closure), or as Brooks discusses, the death-drive, comes to an end and the relationship is over, a new beginning takes place. From the beginning, Brook coins a term, Eros, meaning pleasure, and Thenatos, meaning death and the end. From beginning, to Eros, to Thenatos, humans gain pleasure through death. The key point though, is that Thenatos presupposes the beginning of something new.
As humans, we seek to satisfy our desires. Freud’s notion of Static Fulfillment suggests that we desire to get back to the early stage of fusion with mother. Likewise, Brooks suggests that we desire a climax, or fulfillment. There has to be an end. The plot of our lives, the plot of literary texts, Brooks suggests that plot mediates meaning with the contradictory human world surrounding it. Eros, pleasure, relates to metonymy, complicating and adding symbols to the complexity of ‘the middle’ before arriving at an end, Thenatos, or death. The death represents metaphor, as it presupposes another beginning and the metaphor starts it. It is not very difficult to imagine the erotic notion of ‘the end,’ no one wants a text to continue on forever, people desire the climax.
Metaphor and metonymy are essential to the understanding of meaning and plot. Brooks refers to Tzventan Todorov’s “Les Transformations Narratives” and how narrative operates as metaphor in its affirmation of resemblance. Narrative relates different actions together, combining them through perceived similarities that end up appropriating them into a common plot (1161). To arrive at this common plot,...

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