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The Human Side Of Management And Leadership

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The human side or management and leadership is a complex idea, and an even more complex thing to try to apply. The human side of management can apply to all aspect of a business but there is a lack of seeing business that have a human touch anymore. The most powerful aspects of the human side of management are personalization, service, innovation, and overall management.
Personalization can have a huge impact on the overall success of failure of a business, most businesses are slightly unique in the products or services that they provide to their customers. A business has to be truly personalized and truly care about the needs and wishes of their customers. There is a human disconnect when most business transactions occur thought computers now days, when a company decides to switch from human interactions to computer interaction there is a loss in the personalization factor. When a company wants to have a great personalization factor they will realize that selling to large groups will detract from a personal feel in a company, and that technology can be the downfall of a personal feel in a business. The people that work at the business can also depersonalize a business, when a person is hard to deal with or is just rude it depersonalizes the business for the customers.
Think about a flower shop that sell any sort of flower that you want and will make any sort of arrangement that you want, this company will be slightly personally because you are going to be telling them what you want and they will make you product for you. This company could be far more personal if they offered to call and remind you about important days, such as anniversaries or birthdays.
Technology can be the downfall of a personal feel to a business but it doesn’t have to be, with the proper computer software or computer system in place. A computer system or software can give a company great results as far as reminding individuals about things and making recommendations on things that they also might like. A huge percentage of the population has Apple iTunes and this software system has made a great step forward by making recommendations for products that individuals might also like. Technology can be bad for the personalization factor of business, but ineffective workers can be just as harmful to the personalization of a business.
The products and services that a company sells to the customers are the life of that company. The way that a company provides their services to its customers can have an amazing impact. Companies can vary in the way that they provide their services to companies, whether it be a web based company or a local business down the street from your house. People look for a company that can help with solutions to their needs the easiest. Customers will get emotionally attached to a company when all of their needs and desires are met. When a company is able to have enough information about a customer to know what they will need in the future based off...

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