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The Human Spirit Throughout many novels the theme of the determination to win, overcoming obstacles and the inner strength come very apparent through strong characters. In the novel Pre, Once and Runner and the movie Remember the Titans, they all have the same thing in common, there is one character who stands about the rest to overcome barriers and bring them closer to their dreams. In other words this is their human spirit. The human spirit is something inside of everyone that causes people to do things they would normally consider doing. The human spirit allows people to dig deep within them to survive through tough situations and do things they wouldn't ordinarily consider. In the novel Pre, which is about an American distance runner who overcomes many obstacles to be the best he can be. Steve Prefontaine, who some believe to be the best distance runner of all time, overcomes many obstacles to become the best such as never being in the spot light and following in others footsteps and being a wild teenager who decides to grow up and overcome that barrier to become the legend he is today. In the novel, Once a Runner about a collegiate runner named Quintin Cassidy focused on beating the challenging four-minute mile. Through trials of miles, Cassidy learns what it takes to be a true runner and breaks all mental barriers he hits along the way. Another great example of the human spirit and ones determination to win is evident in the movie Remember the Titans. This movie is about a high school football team which are the defending state champions but one thing keeps them from returning the championship to their school, a bus load of black kids which had to transfer to this school. At first the team didn't want to play with the black kids or have anything to do with them but they overcame a tough obstacle and fought together as a team to be the best they could.To achieve goals, in one's life, one must be determined and must have certain characteristics that reciprocate to one's goals. Throughout all of the three resources there were many evident examples of the theme the determination to win. It is evident in the novel Pre, when Prefontaine, the main character, overcomes all barriers through his determination to win and makes the Olympic finals and eventually become the legendary runner who we all know him to be now. A quotation from the novel that shows Prefontaine's strong determination to win is, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."(p79) This is one of Pre's most renowned quote's and what he has lived by ever since he was a young boy. Pre states that for someone to give anything less than there 110% then he or she are sacrificing what they have and the talent to be the best. The theme of the determination to win also becomes very evident in the novel Once a Runner. Cassidy's determination is what allowed him to reach his goal to break the challenging four-minute mile barrier, something all distance runners have in...

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